Bone Conduction Headphones

Getting the best bone conduction headphones will always keep you aware of the outside world and will never let you overpower it! The top technological companies designed these headphones to enjoy listening to your favorite music while staying alert to the surroundings.

Bone conduction headphone is an incredible invention that will conveniently stay on top of your cheekbones to send your inner ears the actual sound vibrations. One of the fantastic features of such devices is that it surpasses one’s ear canals, protecting him from internal ear damages. It also lets you stay active towards the environment while taking calls or enjoying the top-rated songs! Isn’t it cool?

If you’re struggling to find the best bone conduction headphones, you’ve visited the accurate site! We have enlisted eight out of the best and affordable bone conduction headphones that will meet your needs. So, let’s start with them!

Best Bone Conduction Headphones Comparison Table 2022

1. AfterShokzAeropex Open-Ear– Best for Sweat Resistant Wireless Connectivity

Brand NameAftershokz
Model NumberAS800
ColorCosmic Black
Special FeaturesWireless, Sports & Exercise

Are you looking for a headphone with the lightest and sleek design to wrap your ears? The Aeropex AS800 is one of the best affordable inventions by AfterShokz that offers the most delicate bone conduction technology. These headphones come with customizable control volumes so that you can adjust the sound pitch as per your requirements.

 If you are a fitness person, these headphones will offer you the most outstanding sweat resistance for comfortable use during running, cycling, or even workouts. Moreover, the fantastic noise cancelation feature has dual mics that will help you attend calls between listening to music!

 This ergonomically designed headphone is superior to other models as it has more minor vibration issues and reduced sound leakage with improved bass than others! What’s more that you are looking for?

Main Features of AfterShokzAeropex Bone Headphone

  • Now you can enjoy these open-ear designed Aftershokz headphones that deliver the best optimum audio with a unique noise cancelation feature.
  • It also helps you stay alert of the external environment while you’re busy listening to your favorite tracks!
  • Aftershokz lets you use your AS800 headphones for eight continuous hours, which is excellent! So, enjoy the regular podcasts or listen to the music with complete convenience.
  • These exclusively built headphones have an IP67 waterproof rating! Now you can instantly use these headphones while working out or running as this bone conduction device is entirely sweat resistant.
  • Moreover, the lightweight structure with painless earbud designing enhances its purchase.
  • Not only this, the company induced an explicit moisture detecting feature that looks after the headphone’s charging.
  • AS800 arrives with a distinct sport belt to present unique hands-free styling.


  • Extended battery life
  • Sleek designing
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Sweatproof feature
  • Advanced moisture detecting feature


  • High-pitched vibrations

2. AfterShokz Open-Move Wireless – Most Affordable Sweat Proof Headphones, Best for Beginners

Brand NameAftershokz
Model NumberAS660
Special FeatureSweat Proof

If you search for something highly affordable with the best bone conduction features, this Aftershokz AS660 Open Move is a fantastic choice! We picked this item up after collecting customers’ honest opinions that count to be almost 2.8k.

You can quickly grab the best wireless, 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity in the headset for just under $80. Users can enjoy listening to their favorite audios for a non-stop six hours, which is a great feature.

Moreover, this device is exceptionally lightweight, with an overall weight of almost an ounce. These open ear headphones have a rating of IPX5 that helps the athletes use them constantly during their workout or while running.

 Besides, the exact sweat-resistant property will help you stay away from all kinds of dirt, dust, moisture, and sweat. All in all, this AS660 by Aftershokz is the best to purchase for under hundred dollars.

Main Features of AfterShokz Open-Move Bone Conduction Headphone


  • Extended battery life
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable designing
  • Noise cancelation feature
  • Good sound quality
  • Budget-friendly


  • No such cons seen

3. Open-Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones – Best for Running, Bicycling & Hiking

Brand NameMOING
Item Weight3.2 ounces
Special FeaturesMicrophone, Sweat Proof, Sports & Exercise

Watching for something that meets your style needs and is still offering bone conduction technology? Watch the MOING high-fidelity headphones that look the most stylish yet straightforward while hung up on your ears. These open-ear headphones are very comfortable for six continuous hours and do not run out of battery!

 It will still feel painless to your ears if the hours prolong. What do customers want more than this comfort level? Not only had this, but the wireless Bluetooth connectivity made it convenient for all users to buy this device that’s compatible with iOS and android. These are even the perfect-fit headphones if you wish to grab something lightweight and durable at the same time. Now get your hands on MIONG’s headset before it runs out of stock.

Main Features of Open-Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

  • The company took advantage of bone conduction technology. It appeared with this tremendous wireless headset that not only transmits the audios through your skull but also cancels the extra noise coming.
  • Stay out of danger by connecting to the best MOING wireless headphones. These bone conduction devices help you enjoy your favorite tracks and notify you of the surroundings while camping at the same time.
  • Enjoy the high-fidelity sound with these durable headphones that are perfect during walking, running, or even working out.
  • The company made these headsets completely painless, so the customers can comfortably use them for long hours and without hurting their ear canals.
  • Moreover, you can keep yourself out of the cable connection hustles as the MOING headphones connect wirelessly with 5.0 Bluetooth. It is compatible with almost all devices, including iOS, androids, tablets, smartwatches, etc.
  • The simple yet stylish layout attracts the users as one can hand them around his ears for a couple of hours and still feel very light!
  • Last but not least, these open-ear headphones are very easy to clean compared to the traditional air conduction ear devices.


  • Very durable
  • Highly comfortable
  • Good price range
  • Stylish look
  • Easy to use
  • High-fidelity sound


  • A bit leaky

4. AfterShokzTrekz Titanium Mini– Best for Budget Buyers

Brand NameAftershokz
Model NumberAS600MSG
ColorSlate Grey
Special FeatureAndroid Phone Control

If you want something handy and convenient to use all in one, go for buying the AftershokzTrekz Titanium Mini Bone Conduction Headphone. It is almost similar to the larger Trekz Titanium model with slight differences.

Contrary to other traditional headphones, this device offers an excellent bone conduction feature, helping you maintain a balance between outside noises and your audio tracks. Overall, these headphones are suitable for users with petite head sizes as the mini titanium avoids fitting over or inside your ears.

Thus, being highly comfortable for teens, tweens, or adults! Furthermore, if you are running on a lengthy track, you can enjoy using these sweat-proof headphones for as long as six hours.

Main Features of AfterShokzTrekz Titanium Mini Bone Conduction Headphone


  • Very flexible
  • Best sound for music & podcast
  • Compatible with multi pairing
  • Lightweight
  • Sweat &water-resistant
  • It fits the people with small heads
  • Extensive battery hours


  • Needs improvement in Bluetooth connectivity

5. Pyle Bluetooth – Best for for Stereo Sports Running Overall Water Proof Headphones

Brand NamePyle
Model NumberPSWBT550.5
Special FeatureSports & Exercise

Every headphone user would want something that never falls off their ears. This PSWBT550.5 by Pyle is considerably the best pair of headphones that never disturb your ear. This device’s handy, wrap-around, and waterproof feature makes it the top pick for most sports customers. Talking about its side panels and button system, it is effortless to customize the volume settings, control microphones, and adjust the sound system through this feature.

Moreover, this innovative device has an LED light indicator that lets you know about successful Bluetooth connectivity. Besides, the already installed microphones help you attend calls anywhere at any time. You can keep on using these headphones to enjoy your favorite music as it has prolonged battery hours.

 If the device runs out of battery, it will take a maximum of four hours for recharging &you’re good to go! The only drawback observed till now is that it doesn’t support multiple head sizes.

Main Features of Pyle Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphone

  • If you’re worried about obstructive hearing through the traditional headphones, get your hands on these budget-friendly Pyle Bluetooth devices safer for sports use.
  • Now you can enjoy using this explicit IPX6, waterproof headphones, perfect during the workout, cycling, running, etc.
  • The outstanding bone conduction technology in the headsets allows you to comfortably listen to the songs from over-ears by directly sending the sound vibrations. This way, you can keep yourself in touch with the surroundings besides enjoying the music!
  • Moreover, the distinctively designed headphones have unique side panel button controls. These help the user adjust volumes, play or pause the music, and be flexible about other general audio settings.
  • The beautiful built-in LED indicator lets you detect the remaining battery of the headphones.
  • These stereo sports running headphones arrive with a 200 MAH rechargeable battery, so you can charge your device for four consecutive hours and then use it for as many hours as you want!
  • Last but not least, these are the best wrap-around headphones, perfect for both (kids & adults).


  • Easy & simple to use
  • Advanced side panel touch buttons
  • Stylish wrap-around design
  • Best Bluetooth connectivity
  • Best for sportspeople
  • Waterproof material
  • Affordable price


  • It doesn’t fit all head sizes

6. AfterShokz Titanium Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones – Excellent Wireless Headphones

Brand NameAftershokz
Model NumberAS600SG
Special FeatureMicrophone

This titanium AS600SG model by Aftershokz is similar to the other best models by the same company but with comparatively lower prices! If you’re confused about what to buy from Aftershokz, instantly choose this headphone with advanced Premium Pitch and Leak Slayer features. These explicit features help the user customize sound quality with reduced noise leakage.

 Isn’t it something fabulous for an ear’s health? The titanium quality appears with both a slim size and a standard size for all users! Moreover, this model has a certified IP55 that promotes sweat resistance, excellent to use during workouts.

Let’s grab its features in detail below to know more about Titanium Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones.

Main Features of AfterShokz Titanium Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

  • Enjoy hearing your favorite music through your cheekbones with the best overall Aftershokz bone conduction headset.
  • The optimum sound quality by AS600SG makes sure of the best experience with a heavy bass system.
  • You can easily use these headphones that directly connect to 4.1 wireless Bluetooth, compatible with almost all devices.
  • It comes with a Leak Slayer advanced technology that works with a fantastic noise-canceling feature.
  • Besides, the company is certified with IP55 to prevent moisture, dust, and sweat – the perfect fit to use during workouts!
  • The company made these sleek headphones extremely lightweight to be used for the long-term, with more durability and flexibility.
  • Moreover, music lovers can enjoy listening to their favorite tracks for six consecutive hours without any battery issues.


  • Good quality material
  • Convenient use
  • Budget-friendly device
  • Ergonomic design
  • Sweatproof property
  • Lightweight


  • Do not cover all head sizes

7. AfterShokz Open-Ear Bone Conduction Headphones – Wireless Device with Reflective Strips

Brand NameAftershokz
Model NumberAS650SG-BR
ColorSlate Grey
Special FeatureWireless

AS650SG-BR is another best model by Aftershokz with an open-ear bone conduction technology. The company invented it with some brilliant reflective strips, mostly liked by the users! Besides, the exclusive package includes the best air headphones, a USB charging cable, a silicone carrying case, and earplugs.

The wireless Bluetooth connectivity isn’t that advanced as of 5.0 but is compatible with v4.2. Even this Bluetooth connectivity range is compatible with iOS, androids, tablets, smartphones, etc. Customers like this company for its overall sleek design, so the engineers made sure to design this at their best. So, it has an eye-appealing wraparound with the most flexible headset material, best for all users!

Moreover, the Leak Slayer & Premium Pitch technology installed in it makes it worth buying. Let’s head towards its features and possible pros & cons below!

Main Features of AfterShokz Open-Ear Bone Conduction Headphones

  • Enjoy connecting to your peaceful songs along with keeping a check on the surrounding environment. All thanks to the bone conduction technology!
  • The company launched a v4.2 wireless Bluetooth connection so that a user can pair up his headphone with all compatible devices, including androids, iOS, tablets, smartphones, etc.
  • Aftershokz is well-known for its sleek design that again appeared with an excellent wraparound, flexible headset, and lightweight for all users!
  • Not only this, but it also presents the best reflective strips that can comfortably bind to your helmets, bikes, shoes, and much more! This graphic design is prominent from even a distance of 500 feet at night.
  • The outclass Leak Slayer technology installed helps to reduce sound leakage and promotes noise canceling.
  • Moreover, the premium pitch technology enhances the sound quality through optimum bass and a broad frequency range.


  • Very durable
  • Good battery life
  • Best sound quality
  • Advanced features
  • Reflective strips


  • Sound bass needs improvements

8. Open Ear Headphones, Sanag Wireless Air Conduction Earphones

1.	Open Ear Headphones, Sanag Wireless Air Conduction Earphones
ColorBlack, Gray and Red
Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Cable FeatureWithout Cable

With only 18 grams of weight, sanag comes with open-ear headphones with air conduction technology. They comfortably sit beside your ear and deliver the sound output through the air. In addition, the headphones are flexible and entirely safe for use while driving, hiking, walking, or in workout sessions.

The design of this best bone conduction headphone is incredible, enabling you to enjoy the audio streaming while keeping you updated with your surroundings to save yourself from any danger. In addition, the headphone offers Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity option to pair with your smartphones and start using the device quickly. The built-in Mic in the pair allows you to call on the go without holding your phone, so it can be a pretty reasonable package of listening, calling, and enjoying audio. Moreover, the 120mah long-lasting battery runs up to 8 hours with only 2 hours of standby time. So, it is pretty convenient and economical headphones that aim to only provide the best possible experience to the users.

Moreover, the sweat-resistant quality of the headphone lets you wear and enjoy the music in your workout sessions or jogging. The lightweight bone conduction headphones will be a part of your everyday life with their loud and clear volume with no such distortion to experience.


  • Stable Bluetooth connectivity
  • Loud and clear audio quality
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Built-in Mic


  • A little expensive

9. Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones Built-in Mic and IP56 Waterproof Certified for Workouts

Cable FeatureWithout Cable

When it comes to spending on bone conduction headphones, many brands that produce an exceptional products come to mind. One of the not-so-famous brands is MOIN that has a fantastic product line of flexible, lightweight, comfortable, and durable headphones. They come with all the factors you can imagine, and this wireless and foam-padded headphone is our favorite.

It integrates bone conduction technology that transforms the sound waves into mechanical vibrations and delivers the sound frequencies to the auditory nerves that travel through our cheekbone instead of air. The technology is beautifully designed and ensures both our ears receive the fascinating audio quality while open to the surroundings.

In addition, the neckbone is comfortable enough to wear for long hours. The titanium material is relatively lightweight and does not burden your neck while working out or driving for long hours. Also, the wireless connectivity with the QCC chipset lets you pair devices quickly. It ensures a stable and strong connection throughout.

The sound quality is also fantastic and can go loud without any distortion. The built-in microphone also allows safe calling on the go without even looking at your phone. Therefore, it can be your next best bone conduction headphone for regular use.


  • Sweatproof
  • Wireless connection
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Excellent sound delivery


  • Max 5 hours of battery life

10. AfterShokzOpenComm Wireless – Noise-Canceling for Office Home Business Trucker Drivers Commercial Use

AfterShokz OpenComm Wireless Stereo Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headset with Noise-Canceling Boom Microphone for Office Home Business Trucker Drivers Commercial Use
ColorBlack and Slate Grey
Cable FeatureWithout Cable
Item Weight1.06 Ounces

You won’t regret making this most important purchase, especially working from home in these critical times. It fits comfortably outside your ear, and the adjustable microphone lets you make those long annoying calls without holding your phone. Also, it throws some professional vibes to use during working hours inside the office.

Moreover, the bone conduction technology transfers the audio frequency to your ears through the cheekbones while keeping your ears safe from all the vibrations threat. Besides, your ears won’t be tired keeping the earbuds inside because the entire pair will be sitting right outside the ear on your face. About that, it is pretty lightweight and flexible to wear and remove, won’t give you a hard time in the long hours.

An open-air design of the headphone has the premium audio quality that provides an immersive listening experience without any distortion. It can go loud but keep you alert with the surrounding areas to deal with any threat, especially while driving or walking outside. The headphone made it to the list just because of their incredible battery timings. Yes, the wireless AfterShokz bone conduction pair comes with more than 16 hours of talk time and about 8 hours of music playback over a single charge. It is pretty attractive stats for a headphone with a boom microphone.


  • Flexible and sleek design
  • Multi-function button
  • Noise-canceling boom microphone
  • Wireless connection
  • Clear audio output


  • Expensive

11. YouthWhisper – Titanium Lightweight Sweat-Proof for Running Hiking Workout Driving Cycling Meeting

Ear PlacementOver Ear
ColorRed and Green
Connectivity TechnologyWireless

This red bone conduction headphone set is a mood to wear every day. The flexible titanium band throws some bold vibes while sitting outside the ear and does not promote any discomfort. Instead of air, it delivers sound to your ear through the cheekbone. You would feel the vibrations coming out of the pair that transform into the sound frequency with the help of unique technology. Besides, it does not have any detrimental health to your body. Surprisingly, it keeps your ear safe even at the max volume delivery.

Moreover, wireless headphones are far better than in-ear microphones, even from the battery perspective. Yes, it takes 2 hours of standby charging time and runs for up to 8 hours of continuous usage and 6 hours of music playback. Hence, it is a perfect device to keep with you while driving, exercising, jogging, or taking a walk to the nearby stores.

It not only keeps you hooked with podcasts or music but also helps you stay alarmed with your surroundings. So, it is a win-win device to own. For connectivity, the best bone conduction headphone pair offers Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility, allows you to enjoy a stable connection with all the smart devices.

In addition, the sweatproof design of the headphone helps you enjoy unlimited audio streaming without fear of damaging the device. It makes the pair suitable and ideal for joggings, in-house exercising, running, and hiking companion.


  • Open-ear headphones
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Pleasing sound quality
  • Bluetooth 5.0 support
  • Up to 8 hours of continuous usage
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, PC, and laptops


  • The customer support could be better

Best Bone Conduction Headphone- Buyer Guide

Getting and wearing the best bone conduction headphones is ideal for escaping from the toxicity around you and feeling relaxed while working, jogging, and driving. However, please be careful before buying one for yourself. It is not only about getting the best listening experience, but many other factors contribute to making it worthy.

So, here are some essential characteristics you should consider before getting the best bone conduction headphone for yourself.


What is the point of wearing a bone conduction headphone when it continuously annoys you and ruins the overall experience? The pair of such headphones sits outside your ear, so it should be the perfect fit. So, you won’t have to make corrections every few minutes and feel discomfort.

Battery Life

Another factor that can drive your purchase is the battery life of the headphones. Whenever you buy any smart device, you must think of the extended battery life, so you don’t find yourself charging it before the main event. Similarly, get the bone conduction headphone that comes with a long battery life span.

Fortunately, every mid-range bone conduction headphone offers 6-8 hours of battery, and it may increase with luxurious ones.


We live in a digital era; we can not afford to get a smart device with limited connectivity options. The same goes for headphones. It should offer wired and wireless connectivity to make it compatible with several devices for a better experience.

Wireless connection via WiFi or Bluetooth should be an utmost priority because it will save you from the cables mess on your body. Plus, ensure the headphones have a stable and long connection range so that you can enjoy listening to the content while putting your phone on charge.

Sound Quality

Our main motive behind getting the bone conduction or any regular headphone is to private listening our favorite content. Whether playing games on the phone, listening to podcasts or music and streaming videos on a social network, we want the clear and loud audio output to enjoy and understand. Therefore, apart from comfort and other factors, you can not avoid the sound quality it produces.

However, these headphones are relatively different from the traditional ones. So, you might require significant time to adjust with them. But, once you start adapting the concept behind bone conduction headphones and manage to set default settings according to your requirements, you will enjoy every bit of it.

Other Special Features

Other factors may include a water-proof band, and it should entirely depend on your weather conditions. Apart from letting you cycle in the rain, it will also accompany you during your workout sessions. Besides, show concern about the band durability and quality to stay a little longer with you even after rough usage.

What are the pros and cons of bone conduction headphones?


  • Safe to use
  • Comfortable in wearing
  • Keep us alert from our surroundings
  • Excellent listening experience
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Useful for Tinnitus survivals
  • Built-in microphones for calling
  • Clean to use for your face


  • A little expensive
  • They can cause ear issues- not entirely safe for wear for listening
  • Battery life is not optimal
  • The audio quality may not be superior to AirPods or earbuds


We have listed the best bone conduction headphones for athletes and other users who enjoy listening to music at an average pitch. All the products, as mentioned earlier, are one after the other best devices with high-quality sound services.

We made it simpler for our viewers to pick anyone by extracting most of the AfterShokz products. Still, if you ask for our advice, we’ll recommend you to buyAfterShokzTrekz Titanium Mini Bone Conduction Headphones that fit all head sizes in an affordable price range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bone conduction headphones harmful?

We wouldn’t call it a harmful device for so many obvious reasons. You don’t insert them in your ears directly, so the chances of damaging your hearing would be pretty low. Besides, the bone conduction headphones help you stay alert for your surroundings, keeping you safe under any circumstances.

Can others hear bone conduction headphones?

No. irrespective of the loud music, the people around you won’t get clear audio of whatever you listen to. So, have a breath of relief and enjoy listening!

Is AirPods a bone conduction?

No. AirPods and bone conduction headphones are entirely different hearing devices, and Airpods are meant to insert into the ear. In contrast, the bone conduction one delivers the audio through the vibrations on the cheekbone. Hence, you wear headphones like a hand, set them to your cheekbone, and enjoy listening.

Do bone conduction headphones cause hearing loss?

Hearing loss is related to pushing pressure on the cochlea present inside the inner ear. So, whenever you listen to music in high volume, whether using AirPods or bone conduction headphones, the chances of hearing loss are there.

Are bone conduction headphones OSHA approved?

Bone conductions headphones are relatively safer than any other similar device launched to date. Plus, any worker who is supposed to perform duties in the outdoor environment with certain risk factors or obey OSHA principles can wear iheadphones.

Are bone conduction headphones better for ears?

Bone conduction headphones are certainly better for ears if we are performing comparisons with other similar devices. Fortunately, it does not involve the eardrum in providing the best listening process, so its technology can’t be the major cause of any hear deficiency problem.

Why do bone conduction headphones leak sound?

Sound leakage has been the real problem in all the headphones launched so far. It happens because of the air vibrations breakthrough from the earpads meant to stop the sound from going outwards. Besides, the chance of high sound leakage varies with the volume.

Do bone conduction headphones have a speaker?

Of course, it has. Bone conduction headphone technology has speaker pads that sit on your cheekbones instead of going inside the ear. However, the speaker pad releases the vibrations that your ear perceives as the audio. That’s why you don’t feel frequencies in your ear.

Do bone conduction headphones have a microphone?

Many bone conduction models come with a built-in microphone, making the device flexible for multiple usages. It allows you to make audio calls while driving, walking, or working, and it is an excellent feature one could ever ask for in such a device.

What are the advantages of bone conduction headphones?

Among many other advantages of this new technology, some of the prominent ones are

Advantages of Bone Conduction Headphone:

Bone conduction headphones do the job of any regular headphones without involving your ears.
The band ensures a comfortable and ideal fit
They are hygienic since easy to clean and place
Some models are waterproof so that you can wear them while exercising, cycling, or even in the rain.
They don’t keep you unnoticed of the surroundings
Long hours audio streaming or calling has never been stress-free

Do bone conduction headphones help with tinnitus?

It has nothing to do with causing Tinnitus, and it won’t impact the listening experience. However, the way of using the headphones can expose you to the potential risk. So, better to walk through the user manual or read out reviews before buying any particular model.

Are bone conduction headphones safe for cycling?

Since it does not restrict you from the environment, it is definitely safe to use while cycling. You don’t have to use your phone, struggle with wires or anything, and easily concentrate on the surroundings and enjoy music.

Are open back headphones safer?

Like any other headphones, open-back ones are also safe to use as long as you set them on a reasonable volume. Remember, any hearing device can cause you harm when it pushes to the eardrum or cochlea with heavy frequencies. So, if you are okay with average volume, you are good to go.

Can bone conduction headphones cause migraines?

We can’t say it causes migraines, but you may experience a little discomfort at first. Since it will be an entirely new experience for you, the extended usage may cause migraine. So, use it with breaks to get used to it.

Are 3m WorkTunes OSHA approved?

Yes, 3m WorkTunes are OSHA approved because it integrates the impressive technology that monitors the cumulative noise you are exposed to while wearing the technology. The tech also adjusts the volume at a certain level to save you from any possible harm.

Can you wear AfterShokz with a bike helmet?

You certainly can. They offer the ideal fit and won’t annoy you while wearing the helmet. Besides, the sound quality would not have any apparent impact, so it is just another convincing point of AfterShokz.

What is the difference between AfterShokz Aeropex and air?

AfterShokzAeropex and Trekz Air are both compelling and highly competitive headphones available in the market. However, the AfterShokzAeropex is a significant and much-needed upgrade to the Air with long battery life, impressive navigation, and waterproof features

Do AfterShokz work with glasses?

Yes, there will be no problem wearing both essential things simultaneously. However, we recommend you wear the glasses first and adjust the headphones later. The premium fit for the headphones is to stay still and won’t disturb you with glasses.

Can you wear AfterShokz in the rain?

AfterShokzis designed to accompany you on every occasion, so it would be a shame if it won’t function in the rain. Therefore, the brand can’t disappoint you and ensures the waterproof feature to entertain your favorite music in non-stop rains.

Where should bone conduction headphones sit?

Bone conduction headphones are designed to be placed outside your ear, right on your cheekbone, because the sound technology works this way. You should never wear it like any other regular headphones or AirPods.

Are bone-conduction headphones healthier?

I wouldn’t use the word healthier for any audio listening device. Still, the bone conduction headphone can ensure not cause any detrimental effect on your health. It is also healthy to wear outside where you need to stay alert of surroundings. So, it is still better if not healthy.

Are AfterShokz good for people with hearing loss?

AfterShokz is the incredible bone conduction headphones that bring entertainment and joy to the life of people suffering from hearing loss. Since it sits outside the ear and does not directly connect with the eardrum, it should not cause any problem.

Do you hear better by bone or air conduction?

Air conduction works with air near the ear and involves the ear canal and eardrum in the process of delivering sound. However, bone conduction has a different function and works with vibrations. Irrespective of the benefits of bone conduction, its threshold is pretty bad. So, we can say that the Air conduction headphones are better to overcome the patient’s hearing loss issues with a greater threshold.