NETGEAR Nighthawk XR700 WiFi Router - Best Budget Gaming Router

If you’ve been searching for an online bit of leeway to face the world’s best gamer,best router for gaming you wouldn’t miss the lord amongst the best routers for gaming. We present you the NETGEAR Nighthawk XR700 with tremendously shocking wireless router functioning.

Presently it joins the speed of the X10 with the acumens of DumaOS to make what should be a genuinely excellent Wi-Fi router. Besides its freakishly stealth design, does its outlook speak for

its actions? Let’s find out.

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Main Features of NETGEAR Nighthawk XR700 WiFi Router


Different from the previous Nighthawk XR500, I would say NIGHTGEAR has mindfully structured the tense, modern dark arena inspired by an aggressive craftiness in area of the XR700 Router in view of your game room’s aesthetic


The on/off switch lets you put out the LED lights when you need complete haziness. It additionally has divider grapples on its back for adaptable, space-sparing setting on the wall.


Get ready to exploit all its unparallel features because like I said before, it’s the Lord of the game routers. You and your friends can appreciate the quickest speeds, all simultaneously, effortlessly in execution. Take a look at the most exceptional features of all:

  • Advanced AD7200 quad stream― synchronous running at the fastest rate, and stream 4K UHD recordings of video in unblemished quality up to Gigabit Wi-Fi speeds for cell phones with 160MHz.
  • Formidable 1.7GHz quad core processor— upkeeps with more devices for a magical experience of 4K Netflix streaming, VR gaming and that’s just the beginning.
  • 6 LAN + 1 WAN (7 gigabit ethernet ports)— Accumulate two ports when linking up with a corresponding port to get significantly progressive wired ports for gaming LAN parties.

Wi-Fi Benefits

We know for a fact that gamers rely on a smooth Wi-Fi connection. NPG XR700 provides just the needed super-fast connectivity. Dispensing with any bottleneck to achieve an unimaginable fast speed, LAN gaming and 4K video streaming becomes a breeze.


It’s safe to say it didn’t take me more than 10 minutes to set up NPG XR700. To start with you can either use a browser on Mac or Windows or open up the Nighthawk app on your phone (I used my phone).

Plug the best router for gaming and connect it with your home broadband router. Next check the name of the default network with its password on the device (it’d be a sticker attached to the underside of the router) and connect your phone to it.

Then I setup a Netgear account and created two-step authentication to access the gaming router’s settings. Not to forget it does prompt you to sign into Facebook for the sake of easy access, but I didn’t want to for safety reasons.


NPG XR700 is meant for the highest in gaming performance. Its latest package and the avant-garde hardware offer you complete management on the home network.

The XR700 permits you to assuage your connection and only think of what you have to, which is nothing else than gaming. You’ll never have to fight again over who’s using the bandwidth while you’re trying to win the game.

All in all, if you’re living in a large mansion then Nighthawk XR700 Pro Gaming Router is going to bring all the benefits you could ever imagine. for spacious homes. From data sharing to an afire speed, and top-notch networking setup, its needless to say that it’s an asset in its own cost.

  • Astounding wireless functioning
  • Everyone at home can enjoy streaming, gaming, video-calling, and much more
  • Huge in size and comes with a hefty price

ASUS RT-AX88U AX6000 Dual-Band WiFi Router

The first thing you should know about ASUS ASUS RT-AX88U AX6000 Dual-Band WiFi RouterRT-AX88U is that I found it pretty similar to the its previous model RT-AC88U at a glance.

However, when I took a closer look, it had impressive diffused gold accents on the antennas.

I also spotted a cooling vent. What else makes it a part of this list? Let’s see.

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Main Features of ASUS RT-AX88U AX6000 Dual-Band WiFi Router


This geometric black wireless Wi-Fi router runs on a quad-core 1.8GHz CPU, housing an abundant 1GB RAM. We found out that its networking speed of goes up to gigabytes ranging from a maximum of 6000Mbps and 4804Mbps on its 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands respectively.

It promises the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 i.e. 802.11 ax. This type of next generation cleantech has debuted as the best router for gaming via ASUS RT-AX88U. You’re possibly reading about the fastest gaming router that provides for an entire home


Now let’s talk about the most imperative feature, the AiMesh. Do you have old ASUS routers at your place? If yes, then you can configure your own Wi-Fi network mesh with AiMesh. It significantly upgrades it into the best Wi-Fi coverage.

Just beneath a dust cover you’ll see a hidden 3.0 USB port, and there’s one more at the back. I believe file sharing and printing won’t be a problem. We didn’t find the UI attractive, but considering the wide array of options and specs, its acceptable.

It houses all the common features such as VPN, cloud storage, QoS, parental controls, traffic & bandwidth monitor and a lot more. The ASUS app allows you to control almost all of the parameters from your phone.


Being a first timer, the configuration process may feel a little overwhelming. However, I liked that the wireless router-management interface on web had pre-defined steps that makes this whole installation trouble-free.

You can switch to the ASUS router app on your smartphones if need be. Also, ASUS routers are a large-scale fame sensation. Its likely you’ll find numerous guides on the web.


While on the frequency of 2.4 GHz, the router performed at a worthy (yet barely uncommon) 152.35 Mbps nearby, and 158.23 Mbps faraway.

This may seem baffling, yet it’s critical to understand that 802.11ax offers no genuine advantage on the 2.4 GHz band.The testing results for 5GHz frequency are quite impressive; 300.62Mbps nearby and 271.43 Mbps faraway.

There’s only one aspect that is bothering me. Its WAN port is limited to 1Gbps of speed, unlike its competitors.

But overall, this long-range Wi-Fi router with the next level Wi-Fi 6, clearly offers unmatchable benefits to 5GHz frequency throughout, especially in a crowded network surrounding. No matter the price, with its functioning so ridiculously special, it deserves a chance.

  • It is faster than any other router for gaming with its sterling Wi-Fi 6 tech.
  • Outstanding network congestion management
  • AiMesh allows you to create a mesh of network with other internet routers.
  • The price is incredibly high.

ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 AX11000 Tri-Band

While there’s a bunch of people out there who think nonsensically of the top wireless routers. best budget gaming routerI’d say it is half of the truth because there are only a very few distinctive specs that outstand the best routers for gaming itself.

Here’s the good news for both 802.11ac (current) and 802.11ax (next generation) device holders, GT-AX11000 is made to bring you the best fervent high speed in gigabytes.

Its appearance stealthy but it takes it a great amount of space. I got a closer look and was almost in shock to notice it is 1ft tall.

But gradually the eyes get used to its eight antennas. Its best not to mount it on the wall, it weighs 4 pounds. The ASUS logo beautifully lights up along the ROG frontal logo and the few LEDs on the top of router.

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Main Features of ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 AX11000


  • Incorporates the high-tech “triple-level game acceleration”; ensures minimal ping and speeds up the game traffic control for a first-class experience Built-in AiMesh system to generate a seamless joint network with several ASUS routers.
  • AiProtection defuses incoming virus and threats before they intervene the network.
  • Three bands; 2 of 5GHz frequency, and 1 of 2.4GHz. Let’s you assign one 5GHz frequency band exclusively to gaming only.
  • 2.5Gbps LAN gaming port and a quad-core 1.8GHz CPU for a top-grade performance.
  • An excellent business grade techno “VPN fusion tech” allows you to use an independent mundane internet connection to run VPN and games all together.
  • A pair of USB ports, 100MS/s and higher read speed.


Range wise, you can count on this strongest wireless router definitely. The interface is freakishly amazing, all the settings and options give you a fresh out of the artificial intelligence machine feeling.

The highest bandwidth we recorded was 4804Mbp/s at 5GHz and 1148Mb/s at 2.4GHz, which is an overhaling speed for a good router for gaming. No wonder the bleeding-edge Wi-Fi 6 boasts it to perform at its highest.

The issue is that there is no client device that supports Wi-Fi-6 tech. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and iPhone is rumored to support the standard Wi-Fi-6 tech. But worry not, it’ll run smoothly without it too.

Final verdict

One imperfection I’d quote here is the procedure to link an external drive to keep running as a read/write drive for the system is unnecessarily confounding.

Having anything to be befuddling about these advanced techs like these is extremely pointless nowadays. Be that as it may, when you have it arranged, it’s never again an issue.

Despite the fact that this doesn’t make a difference much, ASUS is one of the most famous gaming router companies.

What’s more important is that they have industry-driving guarantees, and client dealings that wouldn’t frustrate you in any way. Plus, I’m amazed that its coverage reaches every hidden and obvious corner, it’s the router with best range.

  • The features are entirely gaming oriented.
  • High-band wireless correspondence
  • The level of performance is of superlative degree even at a distance.
  • From a technical point of view, it can be used for almost a decade.
  • The biggest disadvantage of GT-AX11000 is its heavy price.
  • It only has 5 LAN ports.

Give it up for anotherbest router for home bleeding-edge gaming router, the TP Link Archer C5400X.

We are happy to share that this large cleantech hides quite a big deal of benefits inside it, but yes, it’s a little expensive. To start with it has an incredible blistering speed and an enormous range of 30ft.

Basically, it doesn’t matter if you hook it up on the wall or set it up underground in your basement or somewhere no eye can take a glance at it, it will continue to work up to its guaranteed features which includes the range-boost tech.


We haven’t seen anything like TP-Link’s AC5400 when it comes to its design. It seems to have a fresh yet tech native outlook, with its square flat surface and antennas giving you a major spaceship inspiration detail.

The 9.5 x 9.5 x 2.2-inch surface makes it the largest gaming router for home, and its ferocious red and black antennas make it appear even bigger than Nighthawk XR500 Pro Gaming Router.

I would say I’d rather show off this beastly internet router then hide it somewhere in the nooks.


Moving onto the exciting features, there’s a BCM4366 Wi-Fi chip inclusive of MU-MIMO. It connects countless devices all the same time. Apart from a central quad core processor- 1.8GHz, there are separate co-processing units with 128MB for settings and 1GB RAM.

Would you believe there’s a minute cloud storage present too? So even if you’re out you can easily save a small file. Moreover, there’s parental control, antivirus and an OpenVPN support, to let you enjoy your most favorite VPN provider.

Don’t worry, you’ll get to benefit from its exclusive IFTTT and Alexa support, as well as the USB plug in to experience NAS features too.


We have positively nothing negative to say about the capacities of the C5400X to toss around the configuration packets. None at all – but only if you’re using a gadget limited to the 2.4GHz band, you probably won’t be very content.

It runs on a triband; one of 2.4Ghz and other two of 5GHz.You can imagine the kind of performance its capable of with three Wi-Fi bands streamlining the network. Reserve one for gaming and other two for endless usage of other kind at home.

I have to admit that the uploading speed was steady through the various locations, striking approximately 21.5Mb/s.

On a factual note, technically, the 2.4GHz functioning served better than we had expected, not to forget it is a standard range of performance.

If you really want to spend your money on a best router for gaming, you might as well proceed to do so on TP-Link C5400X, because its fast, like exceptionally fast.

From installation to performance, everything is sleek and smooth, you won’t even have to get up and check on it every now and then to ensure its phenomenal coverage and networking.

  • It supports IFTTT and Alexa
  • The user-interface is extraordinarily nice both on pc and smartphone apps.
  • Works with a triband of a standard 2.4GHz and two 5GHz
  • Its spiky shape might become a problem during placement
  • It comes with a hefty price.

NETGEAR Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi 6 Router

We still are on the brink of an edgy technological revolution because Wi-Fi best super fast router6 gaming routers are still a touch of extravagance and haven’t yet achieved the immersion purpose of Wi-Fi 5 (otherwise known as 802.11ac), which has had a very long time to proliferate.

That being said, NETGEAR has recently announced a fresh out of the box new elite Wi-Fi 6 gaming router for home that is exclusive for devoted fans searching for enough transmission bandwidth to fulfill the internet usage of whole family.

The name is the Nighthawk Tri-Band AX12. Cool name, and even cooler features.

We are fascinated to share that AX12 has a quadcore 1.8GHz 64-bit ARM processor working behind the delicately curated design, and the tri-band connection of 4.8Gbps + 4.8Gbps 1.2Gbps is cherry on the top. You should know that it solely performs as an independent modem router, so there’s no chance of enjoying a mesh network.

Main Features of NETGEAR Nighthawk AX12 Router

Wi-Fi Specs

The AX12 tri-band is fueled by the business’ most recent Wi-Fi 6 standard with four times amplified data limit. Blistering fast Wi-Fi speed reaches a maximum of 10.8Gbps.

Together with its powerful quadcore processor it’d run the countless 4K and 8K video streaming, gaming and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Benefits and More

The AX12 tri-band is fueled by the business’ most recent Wi-Fi 6 standard with four times amplified data limit. Blistering fast Wi-Fi speed reaches a maximum of 10.8Gbps. Together with its powerful quadcore processor it’d run the countless 4K and 8K video streaming, gaming and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

I conquer that the significant increase in the network capacity surely comes from the OFDMA (orthogonal frequency-division multiple access), which is a part of Wi-fi 6. In addition to that, eight superior tech antennas intensify Wi-Fi signals for a better range and a promising coverage with 2.5GHz.

Simply taking a gander at the specs, it appears as if the AX12 is a pointless scheme for commonplaces like typical one house family units.

However, gaming enthusiasts who know they can kill it with an additional bandwidth and limit (and are eager to set out some handsome money), this could conceivably be the ticket to cloud nine.Its coming to the market in the second or third week of August, yet you can place your pre-order!

NETGEAR Nighthawk X6S Tri-Band WiFi Range Extender

We all knowbest wifi router for long range the ultimate importance of an excellent range amplifier for providing us with the best Wi-Fi signals to zones of your home a gaming modem router otherwise can’t access.

Unlike other routers with which you have to configure a separate network to connect with as you roam around, Nighthawk X6S Tri-band offers a much better deal.

A 5GHz frequency is exclusive to interconnect with the internet router with the same SSID. Its pricey but works decently.

Main Features of NETGEAR Nighthawk X6S Tri-Band Router


It’s an enormous device of 8.9 x 6.6 x 3.6-inches. Black in color, it has a circular base, making it impossible to hook it up on the wall. I love that there is no external antenna, all of them are internally integrated. That sure gives a room a deco friendly look.

Performance and Features

  • Comprises of a triband extender brings a combine Wi-Fi speed of 3GB/s.
  • The cutting edge fastlane3 tech prevents Wi-Fi bandwidth to drop
  • All the devices stay connected with its flawless roaming and ropes smooth downloading and streaming
  • Ideally this extender works the best with a Nighthawk internet router, but it is compatible with all other wireless routers and ISPs.
  • Fueled by quadcore CPU and powered by the latest high-class Wi-Fi-6 with MU-MIMO streaming.


The installation of internet routers seems dreadful to a lot of gamers, which is alright. However, we are here to help you out. Push the extender’s WPS button followed by the routers within a minute. In case your router doesn’t back WPS, I reckon you use the assistive NETGEAR Installation Assistant. I used it too, it offers a simple and quick solution.

Either enter the extender’s SSID for a wireless connection, or connect the extender, router and desktop via LAN ports. Next, I opened on my PC, which launched the setup wizard. Following the New extender setup, created my account and chose a Wi-Fi range extender.

After that you have to select the home networks you want to extend to 2.4GHz, 5GHz, both or one. There’s an option to establish an independent extended connection too.

The Nighthawk X6S EX8000 is one of the best router for gaming that offers the incomparable feature to make use the exact name/password as that of your home internet router. However, there are many more amongst the best budget wireless routers that proffer superior coverage and speed.

  • The installation process is a piece of cake
  • It allows you to use SSID of the home modem internet router.
  • The performance fluctuates to a considerable extent, which might become a problem while playing high-end games.

Linksys Tri-Band Wifi Router - top quality ps4 gaming router

A thought that haunts buyers the most is whether best router for spectrumthey are investing their money on the right thing or not. If we’re buying this top-rated router, will it be of worth?

Ask me about it, I would first take a good look at the features and decide whether or not this product would fulfil my needs, and of course the price matters too.

If I can save a bit and still enjoy a plethora of bombing features, then why not. Good to know we can save a decent amount with this newest addition to the gaming Wi-Fi router family.

When we were positive that nothing can beat the speed champs NEATGEAR R8500, and ASUS RT-AC5300, Linksys AC5400 came like a shooting star and left us baffled. Keep in mind, it’s going to take much more of your space than you could possibly imagine making room for an internet router.

Main Features of Linksys Tri-Band Wifi Router


I can go on and on about the flickering specs of this triband strong router, but let’s have a look a crisp outline of its upgrade features:

  • Surprisingly enough 5.3GB/s is its combined triband (5GHz + 5Ghz + 2.4GHz) bandwidth. However, the current technological gadgets may not support more than a 1300Mb/s.
  • The staggering MU-MIMO (multi-user multiple input multiple output) techno permits you to control the bandwidth as per your ease without creating an interruption for another user. So happy 4K streaming. Operated by 1.4GHz, it has eight amendable antennas, eight gigabit ports and two USB ports (3.0 + 2.0).


Let me get this straight, Linksys AC5400 exceeded the expectations here and now. The close proximity test of about a 15ft distance resulted in approximately a 700Mb/s and it was mindboggling to observe a consistent speed of around 500Mb/s at a distance of 100ft.

This is some serious insane broadband performance, one that doesn’t come easy without a handsome price. Although the total coverage area of this best high-speed router is 150ft, it functioned miraculously without interruptions for 48 hours under heavy usage.

I can only imagine its productivity benefiting the business type firms and places, but I guess this beast would be a blessing in disguise for the busy households where people indulge in both work and leisure activities and wouldn’t mind spending money on it.

To crown it all, if you’re interested in having a tremendously zippy internet connection for your home, then you might want to purchase it. However, in my opinion for home, it’d be better to buy another Wi-Fi router for gaming with reasonable specs.

  • It houses whacking 8Gb LAN ports.
  • The Wi-Fi performance is one of a kind.
  • Perfectly consistent connection all over the place; seamless roaming.
  • The price is lower than that of its competitive routers.
  • The features are an overstatement for majority of the houses.
  • It is awfully massive in size.

ASUS Dual-Band Gigabit WiFi PS4 Gaming Router

We present you another ASUS’ fiery single unit most powerful Wi-Fi router. We used it for gaming, browsing, downloading and streaming, and we are not disappointed at all.

On a very honest note, NETGEAR’s NPG XR500 and ASUS’ RT-AC88U share almost every feature, performance rate and even the price. NPG XR500 does showcase a more friendly interface.

But really, it’s just the size, design and the build that’ll make you compare them. The deco-friendly one will win your heart.

Main Feature of ASUS Dual-Band Gigabit WiFi


Have you noticed how the gaming products so far come with a touch of red, couple of LED lights and some knock off angular cuts? Looking at AC88U, it reminded me of the props from the movie Battle and Chrome.

The four antennas emit red light, and that’s the only art that makes it stand out. I certainly don’t mind the crazy structure if the specs are stupendous, which is the case with AC88U.


Unlike other bizarre rituals of setting up the routers, I was done configuring it within a few minutes. I reset my modem, and via an ethernet port connected it to my computer. Bad news for app lovers, app setup assistance isn’t available. As soon as I connected the modem, a portal popped up on the browser.

I entered the password given with the router, created another strong password and ran the setup wizard. Thankfully through automatic configuration, I just had to select the SSID and a new password to finish the job.


With ASUS’ reputation on the line, one can expect a smooth uninterrupted performance. Nothing is as satisfying as getting the true benefits of what you’ve paid for.

I understand how annoying it is to play and pause the videos, getting up to get closer to the wireless router, and in worst cases stopping your sibling from uploading an entire album while you play a game. Worry not, because with the MU-MIMO tech there will be no such intermission.

We tested the given hypothesis, streamed a 4K movie simultaneously on iPad, MacBook, desktop computer, laptop with windows and mobile phone. Believe us, we didn’t encounter buffering for as short as a microsecond. This means you can live your best life as a game addict.

ASUS never disappoints, one can count on it. No doubt, the gamers are going to fall for this best wireless internet router. It has everything a gamer would want while playing a high-end game.

But you should know that there are cheaper options out there with the similar bundle of specifications and stellar performance.

  • The software and features are intimidatingly spectacular, especially the QoS for gamers.
  • Performance is incomparable.
  • It does come with quite a heavy price.
  • The Wi-Fi coverage is far lower than its other models.
  • Most home users will find using a router with 8 LAN ports an excess of money.

NETGEAR Nighthawk AX4 4-Stream WiFi 6 Router

he war of home router vs industrial router isn’t coming to an end anytime soon.

But there is a fastest Wi-Fi router that will cover the maximum radius of your home and not let your expectations down.

Imagine sitting in your backyard and ridiculously moving from one spot to another, only to come back inside because the signals were too poor.

To make that sad moment merrier, Nighthawk AX4 will be your knight in the shining armor.

Main Features of NETGEAR Nighthawk AX4 4-Stream WiFi 6 Router


In the history of Nighthawk model series, I hadn’t seen a top router of a compact build till AX4 came along. I am delighted to see a modern looking router which looks cool enough to be placed anywhere in the house.

Black in color with grey accents, it is of a hexagonal shape; 14.7 x 8.4 x 2.3 -inches. Structure wise it is slim, and performance wise, it is smart. Here’s the perk, you can stick it to the wall. Its lightweight, only 1.3 lbs.

Hate to admit but it’s a fact that some of the Netgear’s modem routers give you a Christmas lightning effect. But this time they were gracious enough to let it manifest a business-related device. I am referring to its bright and mighty LED lights, which are there, but not in profusion.

Performance and features

What makes its different than the other gaming routers is its four-stream wireless broadband, and four more LAN ethernet ports for a wired undisrupted internet connection. With a 2400GB/s on 5GHz, 600MB/s on 2.4GHz band, and a quadcore processor running on 1.8GHz, it teams up into a razor edge tech syndicate.

Simply put, if you just want a little more from your basic internet router, AX4 will jazz up the performance. That’s the reason it had made it to the list of best routers for gaming!

  • It powers up to 16 gadgets with flawless wireless connection.
  • The coverage area is around 3000 square foot, making it a valuable investment for huge houses, busy farmhouses and small-scale business setups.
  • This is not a good option for small families or two-bedroom appts.

NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR300 WiFi Router

best router for verizon fiosThe invent of games like PUBG, the requirement for uninterrupted wireless connection at home turns out to be much more dire.

If you have played Apex legends or Fortnite you’d understand how disruptive sudden lag can mean the distinction among triumph and craziness.

The biggest producer of gaming products never fails to address the issues of current gamers. NETGEAR built up its Nighthawk gaming routers and the latest model is the NPG XR300.

It is intended to limit slack and expand data transmission by ensuring web-based games are prioritized above all.

Main Features of NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR300 WiFi Router


What we liked the most is the fact that it only has 3 antennas and not more positioned at the backside. Measuring around 8 x 6 x 2.5 in inches, it has ten LED lights.

Might I add, NETGEAR’s primary design characteristic are the beckoning LED lights, that represent the status of not one but many aspects such as the wired connectivity, ISP, dual bandwidths, and the power.

Performance and features

  • Netgear’s name itself is enough to assure us of its high-power performance.
  • It is compatible with all the fun gaming consoles of today; Nintendo switch, Xbox, mobile and desktops.
  • QOS Optimized networking, control and monitor traffic, make changes to reduce lagging- dedicate the bandwidths to each device as per your wishes and manage download speeds and upload limit across each gadget.
  • 4 GB ENET LAN ports + 1 WAN port to adjoin an existing internet modem. Geo-filter tech assists you in connecting with proximal server.
  • Stream, browse and play with 1GHz dual-core CPU and dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11ac (2.4GHz + 5GHz) that speeds up to 1750 MB/s.
  • Anti-buffer bloat tech to create a separate gaming lane. Basic VPN and parental control service

Just like practically any top-tier Netgear router, the NPG XR300 underpins firmware updates on through an automated system. It’s pretty cool because I wouldn’t want to invest energy checking for them every now and then.

The NPG XR300 is a truly decent router for gamers who aren’t really internet network warlocks. Likewise, lazier individuals who would prefer not to waste a minute clicking multiple times during setup will love it.

Obviously, we don’t have to be genius gamers to get the best advantages this router brings to the table. Its capacities are equally applicable to activities like streaming and browsing YouTube and Netflix without much of a stretch, which qualifies it as the best router for gaming.

  • This model is comparatively affordable
  • It consists of a special software to control and regulate the Wi-Fi connection at all times.
  • It comes with a customized gaming dashboard.
  • With a reduced price amongst its models, it faces a lack of hardware specs.
  • It does not support MI-MUMO.