Can headphones Dent Your Head

Headphones are being used by a great number of people. Whether it’s for gaming or listening to your favorite music, wearing them has become a common thing for many of us.

But at certain points, one can feel his head has been dented. It looks more than an illusion and causes pain right on the part of the head where the headphone band is placed most of the time. People notice this seriously, when they put their fingers on the head they feel curved in their head.

And the question arises, is that headphone denting head? Well, the short answer to this question is NO.

Headphones do not damage skulls, neither can they as a human’s skull are made up of solid bones. However, after wearing it for a long gaming period you may observe something like a curve on your head, basically, it’s not a dent but the upper skin or most often hair bent inward provoking a feel like a Dent.

It often leads to a slight pain in your head, not because of the skull but it’s mostly linked to hairs. As when they get bent, a soft touch can feel pain.

Therefore, you should always put headphones that fit perfectly around your head. Neither too tight nor too loose.

Furthermore, always wear headphones around the top of your head. Extend the wearing arms if your headphones have extendable arms. It purposely delivers comfort for long-term activity.

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Can headphones dent on your skull?

Generally, it’s not possible to make a dent on a human’s skull for a headphone. No matter how tight it’s (loosen them before wearing).

Our skull is way more solid than you think that it could be bent with headphones.

Still, if you feel something like that happening, and you think it’s because of wearing headphones for a long period. Not to worry either.

It could be possible the upper skin gets pressed with the constant pressure of headphones. Basically, it’s not a matter of concern. It gets back to normal soon.

For example, when wearing watches on your hands you can realize some sort of dent in parts where most of the time the watch is positioned.

Soon after taking it off for some time. It gets back to normal, it could take one or more than one day but soon it gets normal as it’s only the skin that has been pressed.

Medical perspective; Dent on the head? When to consult with a doctor?

Things apart, if you’re sure the dent is obvious. Causing pain and it has been days you felt that. At that moment, you’re better to seek medication treatment as soon as possible before it gets worse.

To write on this, I took help from my friend who is a doctor by profession. I asked him, which disease can cause a dent in a skull?

His thoughts are following; scroll down to read them. However, consulting a doctor is a more viable thing you should do.

  • Congenital skull indentation:

Congenital skull indentation (also called Craniosynostosis )is a disease that comes basically from birth often. Several conditions can be addressed regarding why this disease takes place. My friend explained this as when we were born. Our head feels soft for almost two years. Some joints on the head remain open in order to expand. So, this disease is related to this phase. If things didn’t process as they should from the birthing process, then the skull shape can have side effects.

  • Gorham’s disease :

Gorham’s Disease is very rare and merely a few people have this in their life, the signs of this illness. if you feel a big gap over your head it must be apparent so clearly. This disease replaces bone mass with other forms of issues causing a dent on a skeleton.

  • Paget’s disease of bone :

This Paget’s disease can also cause irregular shapes in bones. My friend explained this, it’s the most common problem with bones. When a body’s recycling process gets disturbed, the process of old bones replacing old tissues with new tissues gets disordered. Then, the skeleton gets started to shape randomly, similarly when a skull gets affected with this disease. On a skull, it appears as a curve filled with masses.

  • Cancer :

A type of bone cancer (multiple myeloma) can also have an impact on a skull. My friend said; This disease occurs when born cancer impacts the skull. And then, the head starts looking having dents on it.

  • Trauma :

Trauma is basically not a disease, it’s caused by a depressed skull fracture. When someone gets hurt on their head, then there is a chance this trauma can leave an impact on the Head. Often resulting in a dent on their head. If you had any injury in your head. At that moment, the dent on your head could be related to this.

How do you fix a dent in your head from headphones?

There are some practices that you can apply in order to reduce the dent if you think it’s provoked by wearing tight headphones.

Follow these practices before wearing headphones. These will turn down the impact.

  • First Make sure that the headphone you are wearing is not tight. If so, loosen them by extending the arms. Most headphones come up with extendable ear-arms.
  • Do not wear heavy headphones as they are more prone to cause uncomfortable situations. If you’re gaming, then you should purchase light headphones for long-time gaming.
  • Wearing a cap under headphones is one of the best things you can do to save from hair problems. As headphones can bent hair that after cause pain in the head. So, wearing a cap during your gaming season is viable.
  • Dandruff on heads is also a matter of discerning regarding pain in the head. Use good hair products and maintain your skull health. It will help and make you feel better.


People who use headphones quite often. They think their head has started denting due to wearing headphones. However, it’s not true and neither could be possible.

It could be an illusion or something like hair gets bent. if you are the one who currently is being through this situation. Don’t use headphones for a day or two. Take a bath. Go to a park and take some fresh air. Soon you will get out of this situation without heading to the doctor.

However, if the dent on your head is apparent, not just it’s you that feels it but people around you also confirm that. At that moment, consulting with a doctor is the foremost step you should take.

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