Can wearing Headphones Cause Hair Loss

As a result of the sliding movement caused by the headphone’s band when adjusting overheads. Hair gets pulled. This can be serious in terms of medical terminology, as it causes Traction alopecia. This is the reason you may lose hair due to headphones.

The quick answers may leave you shocked, so let’s do more research here and come up with a solution. See below for more information on this topic.

When I noticed this terminology.

In the past few years, I have started using headphones quite frequently. Because I work from home, I have been forced to use them so that the sounds didn’t disturb others in the house.

The amount of time I wear headphones gets exceeded every day. One day, while standing against a mirror. I noticed a thick-curve around 2 inches wide. On the same spot where the headphones are mostly placed on my skull.

It drove me crazy for a while. As I don’t want to be bald at my young age. That curve had clear marks. Luckily I encountered it soon on this matter. And successfully managed to treat the hair falling problem caused by headphones.

Having my own research on this subject, I am now in a position to tell you the incidence rate and what early treatments you should take.

When do headphones start damaging your hair?

Wearing headphones could damage your hair if you wear them too much. But it is not a quick process, and it does not happen all at once. It gives red alerts before it becomes serious.

Starting out you will encounter a headache problem. Over the same spots where the headphones band is placed. The ache is different, and it feels like itching when placing hands over there. Also, the hair will thin down on the same spots, like they are unhealthy.

During this time, you will get an impression that something is wrong. It would be better if you took precautions rather than waiting for things to run smoothly on their own.

Although the symptoms do not show up immediately, only appear when a person wears non-adjustable headphones around 3 to 5 hours a day may be at risk for hair loss.

In the past, only musicians and gamers have been affected mostly by this, but this problem has exploded recently and many employees who work from home wearing headphones are experiencing it as well.

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Hair fall is caused by headphones for what reasons?

There are several conditions that can affect hair fall off. Genetics and nutritions are two wide reasons for it. However, we’ll go specific here and only account for headphones’ causes on hair.

The hair on our head is much like plants; they have roots that help to nourish them. Each root ought to have a point, like an opening.

When people wear tight headphone’s bands on their heads, for instance girls use ponytails and often make bun-hair. It makes an impact on hair and causes fractions.

The little yet continuous breaks in hairs eventually weaken their roots. As the holes extend bigger and bigger following the movement of hairs. Thus, traction alopecia occurs. With headphones, short hairs fall more easily.

Here is a little twist, people with long hair hardly caught into this condition. Whereas people with short or average hairs are more close to getting into it. Here is why?

Long hairs are capable enough to move around freely in a wide range. Hence, they don’t create tension closer to the openings. On the other hand, short hairs are closer to this condition.

For the reason that, on short hair headphone’s movements impact badly at the opening points. This is why you should pay more attention to it, if you notice the same.

What is traction alopecia?

When the hairs get continuous traction, tension, then they start growing bald patches. Most often, it happens with people who love to wear ponytails or style their hair in tight buns. Meanwhile, the longer the hair being pulled, the greater is the chance of having this Traction Alopecia problem.

There are a lot of other hair loss problems, but since it’s caused by fractions, it seems closer to headphones.

Since when we wear headphones we need to adjust them to wear best over our head and yet the hairs beneath them are being pulled as well. At last, we lose somewhere when the sound coming out reaches our ears without much awareness about hairs which are getting pressed.

Over the years, the condition became progressively more severe, affecting many of us.

How can you avoid hair fall- while wearing headphones?

Put your headphones on from behind your head, not the top.

In general, Headphones are described as a pair of earphones joined by an elastic band that are worn on the head for listening to audio signals.

However, you can wear them from behind on your head. In this way, the risk of hair loss will be minimized while the audio signals will be able to deliver the same sound quality as usual.

Since, the grip of the elastic bands lessen, it can be problematic for people who enjoy going on walks and listening to their favourite music.

But it’s the best way out for people to keep wearing headphones for hours, mainly gamers would love to try this out.

Buy a lightweight pair of headphones.

As a matter of fact, heavy headphones cause more damage due to the hard load they impose on the head.

A lightweight pair of headphones will protect your hair while also allowing you some free movement.

However, you will find the sound to be less powerful than heavy headphones. If this is not necessary for your task, consider the lighter headphones instead.

Earpods would also be ideal alternatives.

I moved to earpods a month ago. I’m neither a gamer nor a musician, therefore it was easy to give earpods a shot.

The suggestion I gave later was to use earphones at least for a few days following the traction alopecia. Over time, I found myself more comfortable with earphones and not headphones that I used to prefer.

Thus, if you can compromise a bit with the sound, especially the low-frequency bass which is more important for gamers and music lovers, you should definitely try them.

Before wearing headphones, wear a hat.

Wearing a cap beneath headphones is also a way out.

In this way, you can protect your hairs from the tension made out from headphones. To be more specified, most of the headphones have Elastic bands. That, when moving around, imposes a great impact on hairs that come in the way of their movement.

In these circumstances, a cap is recommended, and many people do so already.

Avoid wearing tight headphones.

Putting tight headphones is also one of the reasons that leads to hair fall. Thus, always adjust them so they don’t impose much force on the head.

On the market there are headphones known as “self-adjusting.” They are designed to adjust, have cushions, hence no worries about losing hair fall. . A better way out than non-adjustable headphones when the main concern is hair fall.

Traction alopecia lasts about how long?

At its peak – when it gets serious. Then, you’re asked to have a treatment to override this traction alopecia. Then, bear in mind that it’s going to take a substantially lengthy period of time for it to return to normal.

In general the amount of time required in this to deteriorate is somewhere between three to nine months. The treatment undergoes in this long period so it will rebuild those skin cells. Which are treated badly, and need proper care to grow back.

As I’ve already been through this condition, it’s likely you will also be instructed not to use headphones anymore.

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