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Headphones vs. Earbuds: which is better for gaming?

There is not a big difference in sound while gaming. It largely depends upon the price tag. If you compare a cheap headphone to expensive high-quality earbuds, it is obvious that the expensive product will be satisfied with the great sound. Yet, there is a little contrast in the sound you might notice over time; that is, headphones give a thick audio sound that feels realistic in most games.

Earbuds give a crystal-clear sound that sometimes feels clearer than headphones; hence they fit in the ears that reduce the surround sound coming; even when you have lower down the volume, you still can listen to the game sound clearly.

Whereas headphones are something like power gaming gear, you feel better when listening to them on the full in-game volume. Eventually, they don’t perform when it comes to reducing surround sound when you lower the sound volume because they don’t fit in-ears that create a flaw in them, specifically when the volume settings are low.

Sound quality

Generally, there are not any sort of sound issues either in earbuds and headphones. Both are equally great at their place; however, a little difference you might notice over time that headphones pass a great bass with a sound that enhances the gaming experience, whereas the earbuds are not less here. Still, if you choose a cheaper one, this draws a big difference in the sound quality.

Mic quality

Mic quality is more remarkable in headphones than earbuds. This is also considered as a significant drawback in earbuds, hence one of the big reasons why usually people don’t prefer it. The built-in mics in earbuds need extra protection because they are too small and do not have any cover to project it properly. Whereas headphone’s mics are strong enough as they are properly built-in, have separate cover and position, and most importantly, they show up next to the mouth when wearing.


Earbuds are a way cheaper option than buying expensive headphones; hence they save a lot of your money.

If you buy a good earbud-pair, it will hardly cost you a maximum of 50 bucks, and you get a quality standard earbud-pair with that money. Whereas headphones are way far expensive, their price tag starts minimum from 40-50 bucks and goes up to thousands, depending upon the quality and some additional features, effects, etc.


If you are looking for a convenient option, then earbuds are the way to go. As you know, they are small in size and can easily be plugged into the port without doing any further setups. On the other hand, most headphones needed some drivers to run, and the size is not ideal. You might find some sort of trouble when moving outside handing them over.

Headphones Pros and Cons

Let’s begin by looking at the pros and cons of using headphones. The points are based on my experience with headphones, as I live in a warm county, so I have to deal with some great problems.

  • They pass a thick sound that gives you a real gaming experience.
  • A high-quality mic comes built-in.
  • They look cool when worn.
  • They put weight on their ears and feel heavy when putting them for a longer time.
  • They damage hairs, in some cases.
  • They are not easy to carry when traveling.
  • They get dirty and release an awful sweat smell.
  • They are more expensive than earbuds.
  • They don’t feel comfortable in a hot environment.


Earbuds pros and cons

The below points are completely based on my personal experience with them. I might miss some important ones. If you see any missing points, kindly write them down in the comment section, I will update this post.

  • They are cheaper than headphones.
  • They sound more precise, in some cases.
  • They are light, easy to carry out.
  • They feel comfortable, and the temperature does not affect them.
  • They do not pass the realistic sound effects as headphones.
  • They need a clearance after using it for a month.
  • They don’t have good quality mic in-built.
  • They are easy to plug into a machine.