How to Connect Bookshelf Speakers to PC

Bookshelf speakers are the best kind of external audio system that you can use to elevate your sound experience. Bookshelf speakers are not meant to be kept on the floor, but you have to place them on an elevated surface such as a shelf or a table. 

Bookshelf speakers are not powered. Therefore they cannot work on their own like other speakers. You have to connect it to a power source such as an amplifier for a device like a computer or television. 

This article will share two affordable ways that you can use to connect bookshelf speakers to a PC. Let’s take a look without wasting any more minutes.

Ways through Which You Can Connect Bookshelf Speakers to PC 

There are two types of cables that you can use to establish a connection between the bookshelf speakers and PC. The first cable is a 3.5 male cord and the second one is an RCA cable. 

Along with any one of these two cables, you will also require an amplifier. The steps of connecting bookshelf speakers to PC are similar for both 3.5 male cord and RCA cable. 

Steps to Connect Bookshelf Speakers to PC

Step 1: Choose the Cable & Connect it to the PC

The first step is to decide which of the two cables you are using. Both the wires can create a special connection. Which of the two tables you are using, you have to attach the one end of the line to the headphone jack of the PC. 

When you connect the cable to the PC, it will create an analog that will help in creating a connection between the bookshelf and the PC.

Step 2: Connect Amplifier With the Cable


In the second step, you have to take an amplifier. Ensure that you use an amplifier that does not take much power and is compatible with the bookshelf speaker.

Now, if you are using an RCA cable, you will have to plug the white male into the white spot on the amplifier and the red one into the red port.

 But if you are using the 3.5 male cord, you will see an MP3 port on the amplifier in which you will have to plug the second end of the cable.

Step 3: Use Speaker Wires to Connect Amplifier & Bookshelf Speakers

In the third step, you have to take a speaker wire to connect to the amplifier and the bookshelf speakers. Bookshelf speakers come in a so you will require two speaker wires. 

On the back of the amplifier, you will see positive and negative clip binding posts on which you have to plug the speaker wires. The second end of the speaker’s wire will be plucked on the back of the bookshelf speakers into the red and black terminal accordingly. 

There are a total of clip binding posts to the positive and two negatives so you can connect both of your bookshelf speakers to the amplifier.

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Step 4: Plug the Amplifier’s Power Cord into the Power Outlet

When you have connected all the wires properly with each other in the end, all you have to do is to connect the power plug of the amplifier to the power or AC outlet on the wall. 

Switch on the amplifier, and as soon as you switch it on, your bookshelf speakers will be connected to the PC. Now you can conveniently play anything on your PC, and the audio will come out from the connected bookshelf speakers.  

These were the simple four steps that you can follow to connect bookshelf speakers to a PC. Since the amplifiers have red and white ports and the MP3 slot, you can conveniently connect both CA and 3.5 mm male cords with the bookshelf speaker and your PC if you want to have extra sources. 

But connecting both the wires together will only make the entire process more complicated, and you might face minor glitches or technical issues when you start playing the audio on your PC. So, it is better just to use one cable.

Summing it Up

If you want to have the full advantage of the bookshelf speakers, you must place them in the proper position because if you do not put them properly, they won’t render good quality sound. The placement of the bookshelf speakers should be either the 10 o’clock position or the 2 o’clock position. 

Placing them in the desired position, turn them towards where you want the sound to come. Nothing is impossible in today’s technological times, and you can conveniently connect your bookshelf speakers to the PC in just a few steps. 

If you follow all the steps that we have provided above correctly, you will create a strong connection between all three devices: Bookshelf Speakers, Amplifier, and PC. 

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