How to Connect JBL Speakers to TV

JBL speakers render outstanding sound quality when connected with the laptop, mobile phones and television. Usually, connecting to smartphones is pretty straightforward. However, several people face difficulty when it comes to the connection with TV.

 In this article, we will share methods that you can use to connect JBL speakers to TV. The methods that this article will discuss are both wired and wireless options. 

So as per the availability of the connection option, you can use whichever method is more manageable. 

The methods shared with which you can connect JBL speakers to TV mentioned in the article are compatible with all brands of television and models of JBL speakers. So without blabbering more, let’s get to the main part.

Methods For Connecting JBL Speaker to TV


The first and the most common method used for connecting JBL speakers to TV is Bluetooth connection. Most televisions nowadays come with Bluetooth compatibility through which you can conveniently connect your TV with any speaker. The Bluetooth option is also portable because of the lack of any wire.

Steps to use Bluetooth option for the connection 

  • The first step is to open the settings menu on your television. You will find the sound option; after clicking on the sound option, you will see “output”. If you cannot find the output option under sound, you can look for it in other categories. 
  • The next step is to turn on your JBL speaker and ensure that it is not paired with any other device. 
  • The third step requires you to go back to your TV, where you have the sound output option. On the screen, you will see the list of speakers and other devices that you can pair with your televisions. If your JBL speaker is on and not connected with any other device will see it on your TV screen. 
  • In the last step, select your JBL speaker on the television to go into pairing mode. Once you have paired your television with a JBL speaker, you will see “connected” written on the TV. It’s done, and now you can play any audio on your TV.

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Aux Cable

The second method through which you can connect a JBL speaker to TV involves a cable. Even after being a wired method, it is highly convenient, and you can connect your TV to the JBL speaker in just a few minutes. 

If you cannot connect your TV 2 JBL speaker with the Bluetooth option for your TV does not have a Bluetooth option altogether, you can use an Aux cable. 

Aux is majorly used for connecting in laptops, computers and mobile phones however it can also be used with televisions. Aux cables are highly affordable, and they have a 3.5 mm jack. 

Below, we have mentioned the steps you have to follow to connect your TV to the JBL speaker with Aux cable. 

Steps to use the Aux cable for the connection

  • The first step of this method is to look for an Aux port on your television. Aux port must be with the rest of the connectivity ports on the back or the side of the television, and you can easily find it as an audio output port.  
Aux cable output place in Tv
  • To be clear in this method, you have to buy an aux cable with a 3.5 mm jack on both ends. In the second method, you have to plug the Aux cable into your speaker and television. 
3.5 mm jack on both ends
  • Plug the one end of the Aux cable in the Aux port in your TV and the second one in your JBL speaker. After you have plugged the cable into both devices, you will have to change the audio output option on your television if it is required. 
plug auc cable one end to tv
Aux cable place in jbl speaker
  • Once you have followed all the steps that we have provided above, all you have to do is play audio on the television, after which you will be able to hear the sound coming from your JBL speaker. 

Bluetooth Adapter 

The last way of connecting a JBL speaker to a TV is with the help of a Bluetooth adapter. There are various inputs available on television, and if the Bluetooth option does not work, you can use one of those sound inputs to connect your television with the speaker. 

In this step, the Bluetooth adapter works as a middle device that gives both the TV and speaker power to connect. Let’s look at the steps of this method. 

Steps to use Bluetooth adapter for the  connection

  • The first step is to buy a Bluetooth adapter if you do not have one, and the best way to find the correct adapter is to look at the inputs available on your television. 
  • You have to buy a Bluetooth adaptor that supports at least one of the input options on your television. 
  • The second step is to have one end of the Bluetooth adapter with your television Input, and the other end will connect with the JBL speaker.
  •  So, here it is done. After you have connected your Bluetooth adaptor with both devices, you can play the audio and test the connection. 

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Wrapping it up

These are the three fruitful methods that you can try to connect a JBL speaker to TV. All the methods that we have mentioned can be done with any model of the JBL speaker.

 You must make sure that while you are trying to connect your television with your JBL speaker, your speaker should not be paired with any other device because, in that case, you will not see your device name on the screen.

 The most convenient method in this list is the Bluetooth option because there is no use for cables. However, if the Bluetooth option is not working for you, the rest of the two methods can also be used. 

Once you have connected a JBL speaker to the TV, you will hear the outstanding sound quality of everything that you will play on the screen. 

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