How to Connect VIZIO Soundbar to LG TV

So, you are not satisfied with the sound produced by the tiny speakers on the LG TV, and you want to connect your VIZIO soundbar to the TV?

Well, connecting the VIZIO soundbar to the TV might seem a very straightforward process, but if connected wrongly, you can face sound lagging.

Thus, we have compiled this step-by-step guide. In this blog post, we will show you how to connect the VIZIO soundbar to LG TV.

Without further fuss, let’s check out the details.

Connecting VIZIO Soundbar to LG TV

You can connect the VIZIO soundbar to an LG TV with different cables, and it depends upon the ports available on your TV and your soundbar, as what type of connection option do you have.

Wireless Connection

Wireless connection is the best way of connecting your soundbar to LG TV, as you don’t have to deal with cables and connections. You simply have to scan your TV for available sound output devices and you are good to go.

Your LG TV should have the “LG Sound Sync Wireless” feature, and your soundbar should also support a wireless connection.

Here are the simple steps for wireless connection of your TV and soundbar:

  • Turn on both your soundbar, and your TV, and ensure your soundbar is in the wireless pairing mode.
  • Press the “Home Button” on your LG wireless remote, and go to the “Setting”.
  • Now, go to the sound output, and select the “Sound”.
  • Click the “Sound Output” option, and then finally on the “LG Sound Sync Wireless” option.
  • Your TV will now scan for the availability of devices, select your soundbar from the available list and you are good to go.

HDMI Connection

If you are not into wireless things or your LG TV does not support the wireless connection, using an HDMI connection is the best possible way of connecting the soundbar to a television using a cable connection.

There are two ways of connecting your VIZIO soundbar to TV, one using an external device, and the other for the streaming applications, both of the methods are slightly different. So, you should know which one you are going to use.

Connecting HDMI Cable to External Device Through Soundbar

Steps for connecting VIZIO soundbar to LG TV for External Devices using HDMI:

  • Firstly, turn off all three devices (your soundbar, TV, and the external device).
  • Plug the HDMI cable into one of the ports on the TV, and the other end of the HDMI cable to the soundbar’s HDMI(external) port.
  • Take another cable, and plug it into the HDMI (input port) on the soundbar, and the other end of the HDMI cable on the HDMI (external) of the external device (Blu-ray) or whichever device you are using.
  • Congrats! You have successfully connected your soundbar to the TV using an HDMI cable through the soundbar.

Connecting HDMI Cable Directly to the Soundbar

If you do not have any external device and would like to enjoy content directly through the streaming apps, then you have to use an HDMI ARC cable to get sound directly from the TV to the soundbar.

Here are the steps for connecting the HDMI ARC cable directly to the TV:

  • Firstly, disconnect both the devices from the power supply.
  • Now connect the HDMI ARC cable to the HDMI ARC port on your TV.
  • Also, plug the other end of the cable into the HDMI (input) port on the soundbar.
  • Voila! You have connected your VIZIO soundbar to the LG TV using the HDMI cable.

Digital Coaxial Connection

If you do not have an HDMI port on your TV, then using Digital Coaxial Connection is the best way to get your sound from the TV to your soundbar.

Connecting the digital coaxial cable to your soundbar is rather simple and very straightforward.

Here is how to connect TV to the soundbar using digital coaxial connection:

  • Connect one end of the HDMI cable to your LG TV.
  • Now, connect the other end of the coaxial cable to the soundbar, and you are good to go.

3.5mm Audio Jack Connection

If you have an older version of the soundbar that does not support HDMI or RCA connectivity, the last resort is to connect your soundbar with the TV using a 3.5mm jack.

Here is how you can connect the VIZIO soundbar to LG TV using 3.5mm Jack:

  • Unplug both the devices, and connect one end of the 3.5mm jack to the soundbar, and the other end of the cable to the TV.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can We Connect the VIZIO Soundbar to the LG TV Wirelessly?

If your TV & soundbar support wireless connection either via “Bluetooth” connection or the LG Sound Sync Wireless, then you can easily connect your LG TV to the VIZIO soundbar using a wireless connection.

What is the Best Wired Connection Between TV and Soundbar?

HDMI is the best wireless connection that you can use to connect your TV to the Soundbar. Other than that you can also use the RCA connectivity.

Can We Connect Soundbar to TV if There is no HDMI Port?

If there is no HDMI port on your TV, then you can either use the RCA connectivity, or the 3.5mm audio output jack to connect your TV to the soundbar.

Can We Connect Soundbar to TV with a 3.5mm Jack?

the 3.5mm headphone jack does not offer a powerful sound performance as the other wired methods for connection between your soundbar and TV, still, you can use it to hook your soundbar to the TV.


Although connecting the VIZIO soundbar to LG TV may seem a very simple and straightforward process, still there are some points that you should keep in mind.

In this detailed guide, we have explained different methods that you can use to connect VIZIO soundbar to your LG TV.

If you are facing any problem regarding connection, feel free to ask us in the comments section below, we would love to help you out.

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