How to Connect Wii to TV With HDMI

Gaming has become highly advanced with the new technology, and now you can play high-definition games on your television. And let’s face it, who does not like to have an outstanding gameplay experience on a bigger screen? 

Wii is the most popular gaming console that you can connect with your television and enjoy various games on a large screen. There are a variety of ways through which we can connect Wii to the TV. However, HDMI is considered to be the safest one. 

Below in this article, we will share the steps that you can follow to connect Wii to TV with HDMI. Follow the steps carefully if you want to have an outstanding gaming experience. 

What Do You Need to Connect Wii to TV? 

You do not require many tools to connect Wii to TV. You only have to arrange an HDMI cable and an HDMI adapter. Why do you need an HDMI adapter? 

Wii does not have an HDMI port, due to which you cannot connect the HDMI cable directly with the device; therefore, to make the connection possible HDMI adapter will come in handy. Let’s look at the simple steps that you can follow to connect Wii to TV. 

Steps to Connect Wii to TV With HDMI

Step 1: Connect Adapter

In the first step, you have to take an HDMI adapter conveniently available in all the markets, and you can also buy it online if you want and connect it to the Wii. Wii might not have an HDMI port, but it does come with other jacks at the back of it. With one of those ports, you can connect the HDMI adapter. 

Step 2: Connect HDMI Cable to Wii

Now when you have connected the HDMI adapter with the Wii, in the next step, you have to take an HDMI cable and connect the one end of the wire with the HDMI adapter connected with the Wii. Before connecting the HDMI cable, you have to make sure that it is not damaged; otherwise, the signal from Wii to the TV will not transfer properly. 

Step 3: Connect HDMI Cable to TV 

In the next step, you have to connect the second end of the HDMI cable with the television. Every television nowadays comes with an HDMI socket at the back or side of it. You have to take the HDMI cable and plug it into one of the HDMI sockets. 

Since there might be more than one HDMI port, you must remember the number of the port you have plugged in the HDMI cable. Why? We’ll tell that in the next few steps. 

Step 4: Turn on Devices 

When you have connected both the devices together with the help of the HDMI, you have to turn on the devices. Use the remote control to turn on your Wii and TV. After turning on the devices, you have to make a few changes in your television settings because the connection will not be wholly established between the two devices until then.

Step 5: Change the Input Source 

This is the last step in which you have to make the changes to the television set. Open the settings menu of television, and from there, you have to select “Input Selection.” Every television has different labeling of this setting, so you can refer to your manual or check on the internet. 

In the input selection option, you have to select the number of HDMI ports to allow the HDMI cable. Remember we told you to remember the number in the third step? 

That was because of this change. When you select the HDMI port number that you have connected your Wii with, the connection between the two devices will be made entirely. 

What if the HDMI Option Doesn’t Connect Wii to TV? 

HDMI is the safest option that you can try primarily because it is readily available in the houses, plus it is one of the best-wired connections that you can use to connect two devices. However, several times it does not work? The reasons can be several. 

Maybe the HDMI cable is torn, you might not have connected the HDMI adapter or the cable in the ports correctly, and more. If you also face this issue, you can double-check everything you have done and connect Wii to TV again from scratch. 

Wrapping it Up 

So, the article discussed simple steps that you can follow to connect Wii to TV with HDMI. If you cannot connect the two devices with the HDMI, you can try other ways such as A/Vcables or optical cables. 

But before jumping onto the other ways, you must check that you have followed all the steps correctly. Connecting two devices can not be done in a hurry, so you have to be patient enough to connect Wii to TV with HDMI. 

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