How to Connect Wired Headphones to TV

When watching movies at late light, sometimes you don’t want to share the audio coming out of your smart tv with people around you. It could be because of allowing them to rest soundly, or conceivably they are not interested in listening to the audio, so you would prefer not to disturb them.

Basically, there are two ways, and we will discuss both; one is with a headphone jack, second is using audio inputs. The first method needs and Headphones input, and the second one is the audio input ports of a TV.

Connecting a wired headphone to tv is simple if your tv has support for a headphone port (AUX input). Put your headphone male-end into that port, in case your tv doesn’t support headphones input. Then you can use an RCA cable connector. Also, ensure you purchase a long wire so the distance couldn’t be an issue.

If you don’t understand yet how to demonstrate this process? Let’s dive into the steps in detail.

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Two ways to connect wired headphones to a TV

Both of these processes need significant requirements to go through; depending upon each demand’s necessities, you can go with the one you see is more favorable to you.

Before we dive right into the steps, you must check out on the back of your TV for a headphone input. On the grounds that many TV companies do not integrate such ports for some reason.

However, if you have a ROKU TCL tv, then you can easily find it there, I’m sure about this.

If you are wondering which port is for putting a headphone jack as there are too many TVs’ inputs to understand for different purposes.

At this moment, look for any similar port where your headphone jack can fit in the same way as your mobile or PC. Well, mostly, there is an AUX named port for this purpose. Anyway, don’t just see the label tough you can map it by putting the jack.

So, Let’s put everything aside for a moment. The below methods cover every-inch that benefits you in some way.

Method.1 Using Headphone input.

It is the easiest way to go through if your TV has integrated an AUX port. If so, That’s great, then let’s proceed with the actions now.

Things you need.

  • long aux cord male to female
  • Wired headphone
  • Headphone Input port

Step.1 Get a long AUX wire male to female

Get a long aux cord wire male to female to enlarge the length of your regular headphone wire. And also, purchase the best one, it may cost you one to two bucks more, but it will pay off with the sound quality.

Basically, this wire is not essential if and only if you think the distance is not a matter of discerning in your case. We include this step only because the regular headphone wires are not good for such purposes when generally looking at their length and the distance between you and your TV.

Therefore these sorts of wires can cut down the distance without reducing the quality of the audio.

Step.2 Connect headphone to the cable

When you have the Aux cable, use the female-end to put in the headphone jack.

Make sure your headphone has one male-end jack as we are here assuming the regular headphone that mostly has only one male-port. If you have a different one with two male-end ports for left and right, you might not be able to demonstrate this process further. However, the second method will be useful for you in that specific step. Step.3 Put the male-end to your TV. Go through your TV and simply link the male-end to your smart TV. Afterward, you can listen to audio through your wire headphones as long as the headphone wire is linked.

Method.2 Using RCA cables

For people whose TV does not have a headphone port, they can use RCA ports. Honestly speaking, it actually gives a better sound quality than the aux method.

For this reason, when you use RCA, it takes sound from both sides: left and right. This means you can listen to the left and right sound. It is most useful when you play games or things when the sound quality matters a lot.

Things you need.

  • long RCA Male to male
  • RCA connecter
  • Headphone.
  • RCA ports.

Step.1 Get long RCA Male to male

RCA wires are useful for connecting a one-male jack to two female ports. We use this to join wired headphones to the TVs that lack one single port for headphones but eventually have two audio inputs.

Needless to say, these audio ports are readily available in every device that produces sound. And don’t worry, there is not any risk associated with this method as most people think it is bad for TV.

Step.2 Get an RCA connector

You will need to buy this electrical device also for linking the two RCA female-ends to one male-end of your headphone.

There is no alternative to this because no matter how hard you stretch your mind up, you still have to purchase these connectors in order to move further.

Step.3 Connect your wired headphone

After when you have set up linking the RCA long cable to your TV and the connector. Get your headphone jack and plug it into its last end. So your wired headphone can link to your TV via RCA cable.

Bottom Line

Here in this post, we have covered every single step to connect your wired headphone to a smart TV, but still, you can see after going through the steps. It can cost you much despite the fact you will have to handle the long wire every time that sometimes can disturb other significant people around you.

I will recommend you to go for it only when you are sure that nobody else will walk between you and your TV when you’ve linked your headphones with a long wire.

Another option is you can use Bluetooth headphones if, for some reason, you are agreeing with what my point is going after here. So Bluetooth headphones are also a great way to go through, plus even though your smart does not have in-build Bluetooth functionality, you can set up that manually.

We have written a blog for how to connect a wireless headphone to tv without Bluetooth. Yet with Bluetooth, you will not actually get the better sound experience that you could get with wired headphones: decide well and later go for which you feel is more convenient for you as well people living with you.

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