How to Get Sweat Smell Out of Bose Headphones

Bose Headphones are insanely being used by gamers. There is no doubt in this that they are one of the most needed equipment for gamers. Without wearing headphones, you wouldn’t get the real taste of the sound-effects you most likely want to have.

Apart from this, have you ever tried smelling them? Yes, they obviously would not smell good. You feel a terrible sweating smell coming out of them. Mostly it happens when either they soaked too much sweat or the bacteria growth. Only washing them will not work anymore.

Since it is clear there is no one way to remove the smell from headphones, we’ll discuss here some popular methods that have eventually worked for people.

3 ways to get sweat smell out of bose headphones.

If you have confirmed the smell in headphones, even you washed them several times? It could be due to the bacteria’s smell, which is even scary than the sweat smell.

Let’s see some workaround to get it way. Before we perform any application, you are better to push your mind to get another pair if they are on their last stage, basically cuts, and get loosed. If you see such bad signs, you should replace them with a new one, rather than washing your headphones pads.

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1) Let them dry in the Sunlight.

Let me tell you something that perhaps you are not aware of. Sometimes the sweat smell you feel actually is not due to sweat. It is bacteria that have stayed inside the upper coat of leather. That means only washing would not enough to get this job done perfectly.

Placing bose headphones in the sunlight will be enough to get a sweat smell out of them because the bacteria that have been grown up are producing the smell. And we all know only the sunlight can kill them as they are stayed internally, not externally. Otherwise, during washing, the smell would have gone.

In essence, you don’t want to disturb your gaming routine, as it is going to take a longer amount of time. There is no way around it except buying a new pair. This is actually a good practice, though.

As if you keep using such headphones, basically one that has started smelling awkward, you might risk your healthy ears if the bacteria gems transfer to your ear via dirty pads. You might need severe treatment then.

2) Use a talcum powder

In any event, you are not able to follow the method, which is actually the most recommended one. You can have this method then, although it does not work for a long period. But you will be going to consume less time.

If you want to have a rapid action for getting out sweat smell on the headphones. Throwing talcum on headphones powder will be the fastest way then, in a very little amount. Another way is to throw some talcum powder in a box, place your bose headphone in it along with them, and enclosed the box. Let it closed for a while. It takes 2,4 hours minimum. After this much time is passed, now check and smell.

Unquestionably you will feel a clear difference; the smell you feel before will not be that much strong this time.

3) Use vinegar instead of talcum powder

Vinegar leaves a better impact than talcum powder. It can be sound silly, but true, it has the ability to soak up the bad smell from an environment. Often it is used by many manufactured or home-kitchen supplies.

First of all, you will need to wash it with any liquid soap. When it dried, not releasing any water or any water vapor left upside. Then pick any glass, little one. Fill it with vinegar, then the vinegar-glass and headphones, place both of them inside an enclosed box. In order to get better results, keep them aside for one night.

You recognize there will be no more sweat coming out from your bose headphones. Well, it is not a popular way to get this job, on the other hand, it works flawlessly without leaving a bad impact. But this on a condition, that is, if you are sure that no one will touch the enclosed box if this happens. Then say goodbye to your bose headphones.

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