Signs of a Blown Subwoofer

Subwoofers are a great addition to a house as they enhance the audio quality immensely. But have you ever thought about what you would do if your subwoofer starts to behave differently or give out an unusual sound? 

After a while, subwoofers start to malfunction, and there can be various reasons behind that. Many people don’t figure out if the subwoofer they are using is seriously blown or is facing some other issue.

This article will share the significant signs that will tell you that you have a blown subwoofer at your place. 

Reasons Subwoofer Might Have Gotten Blown

Before we jump onto the signs with which you can see if you have a blown subwoofer or not, you must know the reasons that might cause the subwoofer to blow in the first place, so that you can take care of it next time. 

  • The first primary reason that the subwoofer might have gotten blown is the excessive power supply. We all enjoy listening to music at high volume, and it is extremely exciting for the listeners, but subwoofers can only handle a sufficient amount of power supply. 

If you go beyond what subwoofers can handle, the pressure can increase significantly, resulting in damage to the device. Even though the subwoofers are built to handle the power above what is required, they can still be blown with excessive power supplies.

  • The second most important reason that can affect your subwoofers is the distorted signal. When you use the distorted signals on your subwoofer, it can cause extreme damage to your device. 

To hear the distorted signals correctly, you have to increase the subwoofer’s volume, damaging the subwoofer. A subwoofer often gives out a distorted sound, but that does not always mean that your device has blown. 

Now let’s look at the signs that will allow you to notice a blown subwoofer with the help of the little tricks you can do on your own. 

Sign 1: Sound Coming Out From the Subwoofer is Distorted.

Sound Coming Out From the Subwoofer is Distorted

Sound is one of the significant aspects and the sign that can tell you that your subwoofers are damaged or blown, so if you are getting poor sound quality from your subwoofers, like cracks in the sound or distortion, you can take an audio test to be sure of the damage. 

For the audio test, all you have to do is play the music on a low volume and slowly increase the volume and bass. While you do that, pay extra attention to the sound that is coming out of the subwoofers.

 If the sound is not clear, your subwoofers are half blown, but if you hear no sound at all, they are completely blown. To be sure that there is no other reason your subwoofer is giving a poor quality sound, you can also check the cable with which it is connected to the power source. 

Sign 2: The Movement of the Subwoofer is Different Than Usual.

Movement of the Subwoofer

The second sign is the physicality of the subwoofer. When the subwoofer gets blown, you find it hard to move, so to make sure that your server is completely damaged, try moving it. You can also press your hands on the sides of the cone to examine the damage. 

During the examination, make sure that you do not put too much pressure on the sides. If your subwoofer does not move or move more than It has to, it has blown. Another sign is the scratching sound during the movement. If your subwoofer produces such a sound, then that means it is damaged.

Sign 3: There is no Electrical Resistance in the Subwoofer.

amp to subwoofer

The next sign of a blown subwoofer is the voltage. To examine the voltage of the subwoofer, you can use the device multimeter, through which you can look at the amount of voltage, the current that flows, and the electrical resistance of the subwoofer. 

To use the multimeter to check the electrical resistance of your subwoofer, you must disconnect the subwoofer from the power source before you start with the process. 

If you get the rating in decimal, you will have to round it off to the nearest whole number to get the proper electrical resistance. 

If there is no amount of electrical resistance in the subwoofer, then that means the coil of the subwoofer is damaged. If the multimeter does not stay in one place during the reading, then your subwoofer is ultimately blown. 

Is There a Possibility to Fix a Blown Subwoofer?

Generally speaking, it is impossible to fix a blown subwoofer, but if the damage is slightly less, you can try fixing it, but we don’t think there is any point in making those efforts. 

If you have a blown subwoofer at your place, make sure to disconnect it with all the other systems, such as home theatre, because if you keep it connected, it can cause damage to other devices as well. 

Secondly, if you want to make sure you can fix a blown subwoofer, you can show it to a professional who can examine the extent of the damage that has happened to the subwoofer.

Suppose you have a warranty on your subwoofer, and it is under the warranty period. In that case, you can get it replaced by the company because repairing the blown subwoofer is a futile effort. 

Summing it Up

These were the three signs of a blown subwoofer, and if you see that your subwoofer has any one of the signs, you should get it checked by the professional to save it from any further issues. 

Generally, it is unusual for a blown subwoofer to get repaired or replaced, which can cause ultimate stress to the users that you should keep checking your subwoofer with the help of a multimeter after every particular time. 

If you see a minor issue, you should get that fixed before it turns into something worse. We hope this article will help you in knowing if you have a blown subwoofer or not. 

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