Vizio Soundbar Keeps Cutting Out

The soundbar created by Vizio is one of the best external audio devices that can enhance the audio experience, which users do not get with the inbuilt television speakers. 

For a long time, Vizio Soundbars have been helping users to get an outstanding audio experience, just like a movie theatre. However, several users of The soundbar have reported a common issue that The Vizio soundbar keeps cutting out. 

The frequency of this issue depends on various cases. However, most people have reported that their soundbar gets cut out every 20 minutes for almost 20 seconds. 

There is no one definitive cause because the soundbar keeps cutting out, but in this article, we will be going through a few reasons why it might happen, and we will also provide the solution to fix those issues. 

Reasons and Solution of Vizio SoundBars Getting Cut out

1. Overheating and Dirt

One of the causes of this problem might be the overheating of the device. When you run the soundbar for too long, it gets hot, because of which it might cut out the sound. To solve this issue, it is better that you turn off your Vizio soundbar for a while and turn it back on when it gets completely cool. 

Once the soundbar gets entirely cool, you will have an uninterrupted audio experience, and even if the sound cuts out this time, it will happen after a long time. 

To figure out if you are facing the cutting out problem because of the overheating, analyse the pattern of the lights because when the device gets overheated, the amplifier gets shut down, and lights on the soundbar start to blink rapidly.

 Besides switching off the soundbar for a while, you can also try cleaning it because even the dirt can make the device go crazy. You can blow the compressed air in the slots for cleaning the dirt, and once the dirt gets cleaned, the device will not get overheated. 

2. Try to Restarting and Resetting the Device

If your Vizio soundbar is not getting overheated and there is no dirt issue, then it is better that you try restarting and resetting the soundbar altogether. 

Unfortunately, you might not see significant improvement when you restart the soundbar; therefore, resetting must be done along with that. When you reset the soundbar, your device will become utterly new on the default settings. 

Ways to Reset the soundbar

  • The first step is to long-press the Input and Bluetooth button for 6 to 7 seconds. Next, you press this button together, and your soundbar will restart on its own. 
  • If the combination of Input and Bluetooth buttons does not work, you can try pressing the Input and Volume Down button for 5 to 6 seconds.
  • If the above two ways do not work, the last way is to press and hold the Input and Volume Up button on your soundbar.

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3. Update your soundbar

Another reason for your soundbar getting cut off, again and again, is because of the outdated software bug. To see if the software in your soundbar is up-to-date, go to the Vizio support page and type your device’s model.

 Once you type your Soundbars model number, you will see a firmware update if there is any. Updating the soundbar to its latest software air can help you in fixing the cutting out issue. 

4. Try Another Source Device

Even after doing all the steps that we provided above, your soundbar is getting cut off every 15 to 20 minutes; try changing the source device with which the soundbar is connected. 

For example, if your soundbar is connected to your television, try connecting it with your smartphone or a laptop to see if the problem happens with those devices too. 

5. Try Changing the Cables

If there is no problem with the source device, then another thing that you can try is changing the cable with which you have connected your soundbar with the television. 

Even though there are wireless Vizio Soundbars, some people still prefer connecting the ports of two devices. On the other hand, there might be few chances that the cutting out issue is happening because of the damaged cable, so there is no harm in checking once. 

6. Vizio Support

Suppose none of the options provided above works for you, then the best ways to contact Vizio support service. They can help you by telling a better solution or, they can replace your soundbar. 


The reasons which your soundbar keeps cutting out and the solution of those reasons can be different as per the other Vizio sound bar models. 

Suppose you would try the techniques that we have provided above in this article. In that case, you will be able to solve the cutting out issue you face to have an uninterrupted and exceptional audio experience in your home. 

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