TechnicsSL-100C New Mid-Level Turntable

Now you can re-live your glory days with a touch of the modern age with Technics SL-100C. A new version of the turntable releasing in June 2021 in Europe. It sounds like a treat for someone who was born in the 70S yet appreciate modern technology.

Brought to you by Technics, a highly precise S-shaped aluminum tonearm and packed with iconic features, SL-100C is the best addition to its award-winning series.

This turntable is equipped with direct drive motor, the advanced and more precise sibling of Technics SL-1500C turntable. Doesn’t it a treat for audiophiles and Hi-Fi fans?

The product manager of Technics, Frank Balzuweit, said, “The demand for high-end turntable exceeds our expectations; however, the market demand the more attractive features to meet the needs of current modern ara. Well, that is right in my case.

Technics meet the demanding challenge of the market, which demands a good music listening experience and keeps their spending low. That makes the SL-100C a perfect mid-range turntable for that chunk of the market.

Talking about the advanced features, Technics made it compatible with industry-standard Hi-Fi amplifiers, and it is entirely consistent with phono MM (moving magnets).

While everyone has their preference when they look into the high-end turntable, stability is the no one choice and should be hassle-free. Technics fill the gap with an iron-coreless direct drive motor, ensuring stability and a smooth listening experience. Zero external vibration and accurate tracking achieved with solid two-layer chassis. A presized S-shaped tonearm gets the solid music out of any vinyl record. An automatic tonearm lifts when the vinyl ends add extra perk and prevents needle wear off with continuous listening.

The features above make the SL-100C a perfect choice for someone who loves to listen to vinyl but little conscious of the price.

Here are the key features of SL-100C

  • Coreless direct drive motor, achieving stable rotation that is free from cogging and has powerful torque. Highly sensitive yet robust S-shaped aluminium tonearm
  • Two-layer platter with improved vibration-damping performance
  • High-rigidity cabinet and high-damping insulator for thorough shut-out of vibrations, ensuring a smooth vinyl-tracking process.
  • Audio-Technica AT-VM95C pickup cartridge on-board for ease of setup Tonearm auto-lift for minimising needle wear-out

The SL-100C is available from July 2021 in the UK market and June 2021 in the europ Market. The product and its replacement parts will be exclusively available on Amazon.

Technics keeps delivering quality products since 1972. The love for Technics starts with their launch of the SL-1200 series in the 70s that make it bestselling turntable of the year. Surprisingly, the SL series is still demanding among DJs around the world.

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