Best Soundbar for Dialogue Clarity – (Reviewed in 2022)

Buying a television is not enough to enjoy your audio, whether you have healed best budget soundbar thy ears or you have some hearing limitations. You will always need a good soundbar to maximize the feel of whatever you are watching.

Best Soundbar for Dialogue Comparison Table 2022

1. ZVOX SB380 Aluminum Sound Bar

Best Budget Dialogue Soundbar
Dimensions35.5 x 3.3 x 5.7 in
Weight9.8 lbs
InstallationsWall Mount It. Put It in Front of the TV. Put It on a Shelf
SupportFree 60-day tech support

This best soundbar for dialogue comes with AccuVoice Technology for Clear Dialogue, wall mounts, place in front of the TV, put it on a shelf, Output Leveling (OL) feature, ZVOX PhaseCue virtual surround system, and a sleek 3.3″ aluminum cabinet.

If you’ve got a comparatively reasonable budget and want something with great value and performance, this SB380 Aluminum Sound Bar is a fantastic choice! ZVOX worked on it not only to provide a clear sound but also a disappearing display.

This smart technology four-digit display lets you easily adjust bass, volume, or treble without having to disturb the sound system. Now you can comfortably listen to your favorite music or watch your beloved programs with the rich, three-dimensional soundbar having the PhaseCue Virtual Sound feature.

Main Features Of ZVOX SB380 Soundbar

  • ZVOX has a sleek aluminium cabinet with high-performance speakers and a digital amplifier.
  • AccuVoice Technology enhances the sound quality to hear every dialogue in crystal clear sound.
  • The Output Leveling feature optimizes the sound by making soft sounds louder and loud sounds softer
  • The built-in subwoofer makes use of digital algorithms to provide excellent bass sound.


  • There multiple places that you can mount best soundbar on the wall, place it in front of the Tv or put it on a shelf.
  • It has high performance speakers with a digital amplifier, and a built-in powered subwoofer.
  • AccuVoice technology uses he hearing aid technology to lift voices out of the soundtrack and modify them to the best refinement.
  • You can set the soundbar to elevate low sounds and drop high sounds prevent abrupt sound changes


  • Optical output is prone to failure after some use
  • It’s a bit expensive compared to others with better or similar features

2. AccuVoice AV203 SoundBar

Best small dialogue soundbar
ChannelsMulti channels
ConnectionsBluetooth, cables
Dimensions17″ x 3.1″ x 2.9″
Weight4.75 pounds

The ZVOX soundbar for dialogue uses the ear hearing aid to improve sound for all ages with an emphasis on clarity than loudness, comes with a 1-page user manual, Six Levels of Dialogue Boost, taming of unnecessary loud voices from commercials, and different methods of mounting the soundbar.

Are you looking for a perfect soundbar under dollar 200? This AccuVoice AV203 would be a classic fit for you wanting to grab an affordable system with improved clarity. This ZVOX model presents six levels to boost the sounding through a unique patented hearing technology. Moreover, the company made this device user-friendly through the easy installation process. What would be better than listening to even low volumes with complete clarity? Yes, the AccuVoice AV203 has a proprietary digital algorithm that improves the sound system without turning up other background sounds.

Main Features Of AccuVoice AV203 Soundbar

  • ZVOX AccuVoice makes use of hearing aid technology to raise the sound from the background and create a better impact of dialogues with maximum clarity.
  • Six levels of voice boost make the dialogue favourable to your ears.
  • The AccuVoice Soundbar makes use of digital algorithms to make the dialogues not only loud but also clear so that the music does not cover the dialogue.


  • Easy installation
  • This best soundbar under 200 features works well as advertised
  • It’s small enough to occupy any space but delivers optimally
  • The control of the AV203 is seamless with our existing cable remote due to apt remote learning
  • Very light and portable
  • It’s supported by a very resourceful and active a 24/7 customer support team


  • Sometimes the sound disappears when charging the channels
  • You have to recycle power daily to restore sound after changing channels.
  • Adjustment was cumbersome and cryptic due to lack of a comprehensive user manual
  • The TV speakers sound best only when using Surround Sound mode or AC1 mode and best suited for smaller rooms.

3. ZVOX SoundBase 570- Best Dialogue Soundbar Under $250

Best Dialogue Soundbar Under 250
Dimensions30 x 14.5 x 3.5 in
Weight19 lbs

ZVOX SoundBase 570 Home Theater System with Bluetooth Streaming soundbar for dialogue comes with PhaseCue Virtual Surround, Clear Voice Reproduction, uses your Remote Control, Taming Loud Commercials, Disappearing Display, Low-Profile Wood Cabinet, and comes with one-page manual.

Are you in search of a sound system with a sleek design and also falling under $250? Look no further than this fantastic ZVOX SoundBase 570 appearing with exclusive features to entertain music lovers. Of course, your flat-panel TV would be a perfect combo with this low-profile wood cabinet design, automatically attracting customers for purchasing.

This device eliminates the need to get big speakers to enjoy projector movies because of the best PhaseCue virtual surround system. Another outstanding attribute is its compatibility with responding to your remote control. Once you connect the system remotely, you can conveniently manage the volume up/down button, power on/off option, or mute setting!

Main Features Of ZVOX SoundBase 570 Soundbar

  • Experience the effect of sound as heard in theatres without the need of the entire room full of speakers.
  • AccuVoice Technology enhances the audio clarity coming out from the soundbar.
  • Never get blasted due to loud commercials as the Output Leveling feature optimizes the sound as per the requirement.
  • Easy to connect any portable audio devices like phones and tablets for playing music.


  • This is an incredible best soundbar under 300 consisting of a slim cabinet without external speakers or wires.
  • You can enjoy streaming wireless music through Bluetooth, from your PC, tablet or phone.
  • The AccuVoice function integrates the technology in hearing aids, reproducing crystal clear dialogues.
  • The in-built subwoofer produces amazing bass for movies and music.
  • A basic one-wire connection helps install the soundbar on your furniture or below your TV.
  • Works with many big TVs without the need for wall mounting.
  • Gives a stunning surround sound and bass


  • Too heavy to be mounted; can only be placed below the Tv. Or on any other flat surface.
  • A bit hard to complete the set up due to the size of the user manual; much is left for you to figure out

4. ZVOX AccuVoice AV205 – Best Wireless Dialogue Soundbar

Best Wireless Dialogue Soundbar
ChannelsMulti channel
Dimensions17 x 3.1 x 2.9 in
Weight2.8 lbs

This ZVOX AccuVoice soundbar for dialogue comes with 5-levels of fine-tuning, taming of loud unexpected commercial sounds, head jacks for privacy, multiple placement options, PhaseCue virtual surround sound, works with almost all remote controls, disappearing display, and an aluminum cabinet.

ZVOX has been in the market with its one after the other amazing Soundbars. Are you tired of not being able to hear TV dialogues properly? Do you wish to get a sound system advanced in technology and, most importantly, wireless? This AccuVoice AV205 is another top-notch product by the company, presented with several features to satisfy users.

With the hearing aid technology installed, you can listen to the movies and music in crystal clear voice even at low volumes. Furthermore, the company comes with exclusive patent-pending technology, letting you enjoy the scene with your all ears! Above all, this one is an ideal substitute for those with severe hearing impairment.

Main Features Of ZVOX AccuVoice AV205 Soundbar

  • Digital algorithms lift the sound of dialogues from the background music to make it loud and clear for the audience.
  • Even if the volume is low, you will be able to hear crystal-clear voices due to the hearing aid technology.
  • You can set the sound as per the content with five levels of sound tailoring.


  • This soundbar uses built-in hearing aid technology to give super-clear voices- even at low volumes.
  • It includes audiology remote control that has 5 adjusting settings to customize your sound for only your ears.
  • Comes with AccuVoice technology
  • Comes with a built-in subwoofer
  • It’s focused to increasing the emphasis on dialogue.
  • The voice output adds artificial harmonic distortion to words hence adding an edge to their clarity.


  • You will expect no customer support due to the manufacturer discontinuing production of the product
  • Too much sound variation from channel to channel and program to program
  • A lot of the spoken audio is muffled and undecipherable.

5. ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 – Best Quality Dialogue Soundbar

Best Quality Dialogue Soundbar
ChannelsMulti channels
Dimensions17″ x 3.1″ x 2.9″
Weight3 lbs

This soundbar for dialogue brings crystal-clear voices; even at low volumes, exclusive technology makes voices clear, easy to install with the one-page owner’s manual, taming loud commercials.

This model by ZVOX would ideally fit people looking for the best quality soundbar! The AccuVoice AV200 is none other than a fabulous option for users requiring a clear music voice without wanting an extra home theater sound. The proprietary technology pre-built in the system precisely lifts and modifies the content’s sound to entertain you.

Moreover, its patent technology is another good thing to help clear the voice, making it easily understandable. It’s an era of modern technology where even ZVOX didn’t step back! The engineers installed high-speed computer processors in the speakers to let you enjoy tuned-up voices without getting disturbed by background noises. Overall, it’s one of the best high-quality systems!

Main Features Of ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 Soundbar

  • Easy to handle and set up the 17″ wide soundbar in your room.
  • Hearing aid technology provides maximum clarity in voices even at low volume.
  • Experience crystal clear voices and hear every dialogue clearly while sitting at any place in the room.
  • Sophisticated processor controls the loud noises with the Output Leveling feature.

6. ZVOX SoundBase 670 – Best Dialogue Soundbar with Subwoofers

Best Dialogue Soundbar with Subwoofers
ConnectionsOptical and coaxial
Dimensions36 “W x 16 1/2″D x 3 1/2 “H
Weight26 lbs

This quality soundbar for dialogue, ZVOX SoundBase 670, comes with 3 Built-In Subwoofers, Bluetooth Wireless Music, PhaseCue Virtual Surround, Bluetooth Music Streaming, Clear Voice Reproduction uses your Remote Control, Taming Loud Commercials, Disappearing Display, and Low-Profile Wood Cabinet.

Searching for the latest ZVOX model under 250 dollars? Looking for a system that not only surrounds you with its crystal-clear voice but also offers stunning three subwoofers? This SoundBase 670 is one of the great sound systems by the company, with a lot more enhanced features than the previous models.

There is no necessity of mounting the device to your wall, and you can even stream the live music via Bluetooth connectivity. Would there have been a better system than this with a pre-built aptX Bluetooth receiver, allowing you to stream music from your smart devices wirelessly? Besides, the soundbase 670 comes with five top-notch speakers with surrounded bass for your entertainment.

Main Features Of ZVOX SoundBase 670 Soundbar

  • Experience cinematic sounds with the left, right, and center speakers to hear every single word with enhanced clarity
  • Hearing aid technology makes every dialogue crisp and favourable for your ears
  • The full-range sound produced from a single cabinet with subwoofers included in it.
  • Connect your different devices with the soundbar to enjoy music anywhere.


  • The center, right and left speakers gives you remarkable surround sound effect; while the patented AccuVoice incorporates the technology found in hearing aids, reproducing dialogues and voices with amazing clarity.
  • The sound is a beautiful full-range from a single cabinet; there is no separate floor standing subwoofer needed
  • Its bi-amplified design uses electronic contouring for accurate frequency response
  • Each Sound Base can learn to respond to your preferred remote control
  • Well designed to support a TV placed directly on top of the Sound Base, if desired.


  • Only works well for some time; when new then failures follow
  • ZVOX will not honor manufacturer warranty if the seller is not licensed; there are a few licensed resellers.
  • Bluetooth connectivity fails occasionally
  • Gives lower volume than expected hence you do not hear dialogues clearly

7. ZVOX SoundBase 440 – Best Dialogue soundbar for 55 Inch Tv

Best Dialogue soundbar for 55 Inch Tv
ConnectionsOptical or coaxial cable
Dimensions28 x 14.5 x 3.5 in
Weight15.3 lbs

This soundbar for dialogue comes at a superb price for an extra-long model (fits up to 55″ TV screen), output leveling feature, so commercials don’t “blast” you or your guests, speaker with AccuVoice hearing aid technology, and a 30-Day Home Trial.

Nowadays, it’s pretty difficult to find a SoundBar with an easy installation procedure and falling under affordable price. But, ZVOX, as always, made it stress-free for all customers to get the best they can in just under $200. Moreover, with the Soundbase 440, there is no extra wall mounting requirement, and the system will turn out to be an excellent device delivering crystal-clear dialogues.

What amazed us while searching on its feature was its 30-day free home trial! Isn’t it a perfect choice for those who were worried about spending their hard-earned money on sound systems? While designing the SoundBase 440, the company made sure to keep a 55-inches TV, especially in mind, so users with such TVs can get entertained. We’d say this one is the most budget-friendly of all ZVOX’s soundbars, acquiring all essential characteristics.

Main Features Of ZVOX SoundBase 670 Soundbar

  • No external wires or speakers needed as the room gets filled with 3D sound from a single slim cabinet.
  • Listen to every dialogue with maximum clarity and reproduction through the hearing aid technology.
  • Output Leveling feature tames loud noises, and the built-in subwoofer provides excellent bass effects from one slim cabinet.


  • You get high quality room-filling 3D sound from one slim cabinet without any external speakers or speaker wires.
  • Its ideally suited for TV’s which are not larger than 55”. The TV stand or pedestal should be less than 28 inches wide for the best fit of the soundbar.
  • AccuVoice is a patented technology inspired by hearing aids, offering you unprecedented clarity of voice and dialogues.
  • The integrated subwoofer produces a deep bass for movies and music.
  • The best budget soundbar has an Output Leveling feature as well, helping to tone down the loud sounds during commercial ads.
  • Comes with three Speakers
  • Includes 2 AAA batteries required.


  • Speakers best budget sound bars witch off when the tv shuts down
  • It’s not worth its value
  • The customer support seems not to know clearly what is needed to set the soundbar.

To arrive at the best soundbar, you need to consider some factors that include; what size is your tv., the versatility you require from the soundbar, the support you get from the manufacturer or the reseller, warranty, customer reviews and support it has, the price, the number of the channels, the connectivity; optical or Bluetooth, extra accessories provided, power consumption and the mode of mounting.

For the newbies, it is always good to consult with friends, check on the available reviews from past costumers and shop around; both online and in brick and mortar stores.

Going for reputable brands that have built a reputation in the past is also a good step before select your ideal soundbar. It is also important to test the soundbar for sound clarity at the store or immediately it is delivered to easy making returns. Proper consultation and research will definitely shield you from being caught up in unwittingly buying counterfeits that will no perform to your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which soundbar is best for speech clarity?

1.      Your best choice for streaming shows, podcasts, and other similar audio with the best speech clarity is not other than the Samsung HW-Q950A soundbar.

Will a sound bar improve dialogue?

A soundbar is a thoughtful and reasonable upgrade to your TV’s awful built-in speakers. Apart from clear, crisp, and loud music output, it will also improve the dialogue delivery for immersive results.

How can I improve my dialogue clarity on my TV?

Enhancing the dialogue delivery of your TV is a must if you are fond of listening to podcasts, documentaries, and shows. And, the only way you can experience the dramatic audio is by connecting to the best soundbar available that is perfectly compatible with your TV.

Is a sound bar good for hearing impaired?

Apparently yes! The brands are kind enough to integrate special built-in technology that ensures incredible speech enhancement features and loud yet room-shaking audio output. Besides, many soundbars have additional drivers that work brilliantly to produce compelling sound for a better experience.

Why can’t I hear the voices on my TV?

Your TV needs some quick maintenance if you are struggling to hear any voice. Here are some quick steps you can walk through before getting any professional assistance.

·         Recheck all the connected devices to your TV, especially the soundbar.
·         Ensure the TV is not at mute using your remote control.
·         Ensure the soundbar is turned on and the volume is adequate to hear any result.
·         Try to turn it off and on again with a time interval of five minutes.
·         Unplug or plug connected devices.
·         If none of thesetechniques works, try to power reset your TV.

Does Sonos beam improve dialogue?

Sonos home theatre speaker has a speech enhancement feature to boost the audio frequencies associated with the human voice. Hence, the Sonos beam can produce more clear and precise dialogue than any other expensive soundbar available.

Why is music always louder than dialogue on TV?

It is best to consider adding a graphic equalizer to your system. A multi-channel graphic equalizer empowers you to boost sound frequency range while lowering others, allowing you to hear more of what you want to hear. Besides, there are certainties of different TV having different sorts of audibles.

Why is it so hard to hear dialogue in movies?

Movies and shows are produced by taking different sound references but enable a loud dynamic swing range of up to 20dB. The dialogue delivery may suffer if your TV setting has adjusted the volume or audio output less than these stats. Also, the soundbars have the center channel that takes responsibility to pump the dialogue.

How does zvox work?

Zvox is a user-friendly soundbar to connect with your TV and other digital devices to experience immersive listening. It will start running as soon as you connect it with your smart TV via optical cable.

Does ZVOX work with Alexa?

Many Zvox models do not have compatible with Alexa. However, if you connect Zvox to a smart TV having voice control support, you can also function or control the Zvox using it.

What is AccuVoice technology?

AccuVoice is like a hearing aid technology that manipulates different sounds by lifting them out of soundtracks and making them clear, understandable, and precise for better delivery.

What is dialogue enhancement?

Dialogue enhancement is the incredible feature many TVs and soundbars are now having to boost the speech audio for better understanding the content. By enabling the feature, you can focus on enhancing the speech of the content without disturbing music, background audios, etc.

How do I fix very low dialogue but very loud sound effects on Sony TV?

You need to perform a few sound settings to tackle this issue.

·         Go to the sound settings of your Sony TV.
·         Since we need to reset the sound settings, go to the sound adjustment option.
·         Now, find the advanced settings at the bottom of the adjustment option, and it should have a reset option.
·         Select the reset option and confirm on-screen instruction.
·         You are now ready to adjust the audio, volume, and dialogue delivery out of your TV.
·         The sound adjustment menu has different preset audio modes to choose rightly and enjoy streaming your favorite content.

Why is the background sound louder than the voices?

It usually happens when you put the TV speaker volume at max, as they are not good with audio clarity and ruin the sound output with lots of distortions. However, connecting a soundbar or stereo speakers can help you deal with this issue. They balance the sound quality and don’t make the background voice prominent in any content.

How can I watch TV with someone who is hard of hearing?

Well, you can settle with other exciting audio streaming devices to enjoy while you can. You can use:

·         Wireless headphones
·         Bone conduction headphones
·         Home theatre sound system
·         A compelling soundbar with excellent dialogue delivery and balanced audio output
·         Wireless hearing Aid streaming

Does Sonos speech enhancement work?

When playing games or streaming Netflix while connecting to Sonos, don’t forget to enable the speech enhancement feature. It boosts the audio frequencies and makes the speech more clear and attractive to hear.

Does zvox work with Samsung TV?

Fortunately, Zvox is the best soundbar brand that works with every TV with a digital audio output and analog audio output available.

How do I stop my soundbar from turning off?

Most soundbars have this power-saving mode that takes it to the standby mode when not in function for a certain time. Simply press the power button and hit the play option to continue audio streaming to bring the soundbar back.

How do I connect my ZVOX to Alexa?

Unfortunately, Zvox does not have built-in Alexa support. However, you can still enjoy Alexqa compatibility if you have an Aux cable in hand.

·         Get an AUX cable and connect it with your TV and other devices through the Echo port.
·         Now connect another part of Aux to the ZVOX 2d/2a input.
·         Download the Alexa app on your device.
·         Open the App and go to the devices in the main menu.
·         From the drop-down options, choose “AUX Audio.”
·         You are set to use Alexa support for managing or controlling the soundbar from the comfort of your couch.

How do I reset my ZVOX sound bar?

Resetting the ZVOX soundbar takes upto a few seconds. Simple press and hold the Input button at the front panel for about 10-15 seconds until a screen appears with r S t dialogues. Now, release the button, and the soundbar should show four digits firmware code and turn it on. That is how the reset gets done.

Does ZVOX have HDMI?

Unfortunately, ZVOX does not have an HDMI port available. However, it has an optical digital cable that should be enough for connecting it with your TV.

How do I connect my zvox to my TV?

You can connect the ZVOX soundbar to any TV using an optical digital output or Analogue port available. Insert one end of the optical or Analogue cable to the TV and the other to the soundbar. Then, with the help of remote control, play the content and enjoy streaming.

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