How to Connect iPhone to LG Smart TV Without WiFi

With time mobile phones and televisions both have become highly advanced. The mobile phones that were previously used only for calling somebody and the televisions that only allowed flipping through the channels have started to offer more advanced features. 

And one of those advanced features is connecting your mobile phone to your television. Advancement in technology has allowed people to connect their mobile phones with the tv with the help of specific tools and features and watch the content from the mobile phone. 

Can you connect an iPhone to a Smart TV Without WiFi? 

We all know that to use the advanced features on the television, your device must be connected with the Wi-Fi all the time, even connecting phones to a tv sometimes. 

So when we tell you that you can connect an iPhone to a smart TV without Wi-Fi, you must believe us. This article will share the methods you can follow to connect an iPhone to an LG smart TV without Wi-Fi. 

Methods to Connect iPhone to LG Smart TV Without WiFi

Method 1: Chromecast 

Chromecast is one of the most popular devices that allows you to connect any brand’s television to your mobile phone in just a few minutes. Some people might argue that since Google makes the Chromecast, it is only applicable for Android phones and televisions.

However, recently Google has launched an application in the Chromecast that allows the Chromecast that allows even iOS to connect their phones with the smart TVs. So now, with the help of the Chromecast, people can connect iPhone to LG smart TV. 

Another thing that people get confused with is that Chromecast is generally used only with the internet connection but what if you don’t have one? Check out the steps mentioned below to connect an iPhone to LG smart TV without Wi-Fi. 

Steps to Follow 

  • The first step is to connect your Chromecast with your television and make sure that you’re connecting it to the proper HDMI port. 
  • Now all you have to do is open the application you want to cast on your television. It can be Netflix, amazon prime, YouTube, so that you can connect your iPhone with the LG smart TV. 
  • You have to make sure that the application you have chosen is compatible with the casting feature. When you open the application, tap on the cast option, and when you do that, you will be able to see your device on your LG smart TV. 
  • Once you see the device name on your television, use the remote control to select the device, and your iPhone will be connected to your LG smart TV. 

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Method 2: Apple Lightning Connector 

The second method you can use to connect iPhone to LG smart TV is the Apple lightning connector. Apple lightning connector is an outstanding device used for connecting iPhones to the Apple TV. Still, you can even connect it with other televisions, so it is compatible with LG TV also.

And the best thing is that it does not require an internet connection. Below we have mentioned using an Apple lightning connector to connect iPhone to LG smart TV without Wi-Fi. 

Steps to Follow 

  • The first step is to buy an Apple lightning connector, and you must also have an HDMI cable that is compatible with both your iPhone and the connector. 
  • To establish the connection between your iPhone and LG smart TV, you have to connect the Apple lightning connector with your smart TV. 
  • Then you have to take an HDMI cord and put the one in your iPhone, and the second end will go in the Apple lightning connector. 
  • Once you have connected your iPhone with the Apple lightning connector and the Apple lightning connector with the television, your iPhone will indirectly get connected with your LG smart TV without the use of Wi-Fi. 
  • Now you can see anything you want from your iPhone on the screen of your LG smart TV. 

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Wrapping it Up 

These are the two most popular ways to connect iPhone to an LG smart TV without Wi-Fi. Indeed there are other ways and features available in the market. 

However, Chromecast and Apple Lightning Connector are the most hassle-free ways and will connect your iPhone to LG smart TV within just a few minutes.

 We hope this article was informative and will help you in the daunting times when you don’t have Wi-Fi, but you still want to connect your iPhone to your LG smart TV. 

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